Wednesday, August 3, 2016

We are working really hard

Monday July 4th 2016 

Tuesday- I’m not really sure what we did, me and Elder Solano are working really hard here so time is flying by. We taught the 9 year old in this member family, he never got baptized yet. Basically everything he sees, of somebody else’s, he asks if you can give it to him, or buy him one, even in church, he goes to everyone, he’s pretty funny.

Wednesday- we had this amazing lunch, they call it pan de carne. Basically they just take meat and make a huge square and put cheese and ham inside, then roll it up. Anyways it was amazing and I said, as a joke, we should ask her to have a family home evening with us so we can learn how to make this and then eat it again. So Elder Childs went out to ask her and said: “hermana, this was amazing we need to get this recipe, and she said oh just come over one day and well have a family home evening and I’ll make it for you guys, then we can have desert too.” We were all freaking out, it was soo funny, so were doing that Tuesday night.

Thursday- We met the new mission president today, President Eddy. He’s really cool I think he’s from Orem, or something like that. He has a kid serving in the Dominican, an 18 year old leaving to BYU in august, a 16 who’s plays basketball, then a 15 year old a 12 year old, and a 9 year old, and all of them are living down here. I don’t know how happy I would be to move down here for three years, but that just shows their will, for the work. Then we had sloppy joes for lunch, and me and my house took 2 guaranas (really good brazillian pop) home to our apartment, they had tons left over.

Friday - today was normal. We had a full day planned, we taught a ton of lessons and found 4 new investigators.

Saturday - so today it started raining, a little on the way to lunch, which was across the field and about 1 km down a huge road, and on the way back it started raining pretty hard, we were all pretty miserable until I just started messing around. Then we were all having fun just throwing water with our umbrellas. Then on the way back, I slipped in the field and got super muddy, I have pictures but I forgot my pendrive. Then volleyball was canceled because of the rain, so we stayed in the house until 4 trying to dry our clothes off then went out to work. Then went to a Capilla Abierta in Walvin, but the Elders have to go out on those to get people to come to them, and it was still raining hard and there was nobody, so we tried for a while then gave up. When we went back, there was food at the church, it was hard not to eat because we were fasting

Sunday - we went to church, and it was Fast Sunday. 2 members gave us food to take home, and I took a little bit thinking I would get seconds and everyone would do the same. Nope, they took the rest. So I was pretty mad about that one, then I went to go eat my suckers and a colony of ants got them and tore apart the bag and ate most of my suckers, so I killed them all in my rage and ate my last 2 suckers. 

Monday - I went to sign papers today so I can stay in the country, then came to email home, and tonight we have a family home evening with some members.

This week was awesome, I really liked it. We worked hard, but also messed around a lot, and we now have 10 new investigators since we came to the area to white wash. I just need to keep working on my Spanish, but it’s sooo much better then last week. ya thats about it


Elder Grigor

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