Friday, August 5, 2016

Trying to help people come to church

Monday July 18, 2016

Tuesday - We had a Intercambio of our zone, so I was told I was leaving my area, so I packed all my stuff and got ready to go, and I went toooo.... AEROPARQUE A and they live in our house, so I packed all my stuff for nothing, but yea it was pretty good. Elder Sosa was supposed to leave his area but only has 1 month in the mission so I kind of took over. I also lost 500 pesos that day, which is about 20 dollars, I think it fell out of my pocket.

Wednesday - we walked to villa del tato which is about a 30 to 40 minute walk, and we found a golfball on the way over so we were passing it around, then I missed a catch and got hit in the head, not too hard though. Then a family was like screaming at us while having a party, “heeeyy little rich things are invited” so we went over and contacted them and have an appointment this week I think. Haha pretty funny that that came out of that situation. 

Thursday - made a lot of appointments, passed by people and they weren't home, except for one couple. We planned a noche de hogar ( family home evening) with them and we’re gonna make beaver tails. They found a recipe online so I’m excited for that, and her daughter - it’s weird how much she looks like Jessica, 

Friday - can't really remember but not a lot happened

Saturday - played volleyball at the church it was pretty fun, I crushed a hit at one guy though, he didn’t let that go. But then we had a lesson with Karen, and I brought the dvd player so we could watch the restoration, but I forgot the charger and it died, so we talked about the sabbath day and it was really good. Then we tried to go by a less active who we’ve been working with to give him clothes to come to church, just some old ones we found at the house, and he wasn't home but we ran into him on the way home and he said he’d come.

Sunday - so neither Karen or Homberto came because it was raining and the group that walks from their town didn't come, so maybe next week. Then we had a good lesson with a new investigator and she said she missed church this week and would come next week. Then we had a fun noche de hogar to finish off the night.

Monday - we had a Raviooletta at the church, basically the members just made a bunch of ravioles,  played games and then ate, then I started this email.

Everything is good here. I got on late so I probably won’t have too much time today, but oh well.


Elder Grigor

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