Wednesday, August 3, 2016

All of our plans fell through - but we will keep trying

Monday July 11, 2016

Monday- so we crossed the field and I slipped again, and then we had a noche de hogar with the Cuenca Vilches, it was pretty sweet and then we taught them how to milk alfajores

Tuesday- was awful. So in the morning we decided to go to Villa del Tato, which is a small village away from our town, about 7 Kilometers round trip. We left at 10:30 so we basically just walked to a bunch of Almacens to find Alfajores. Then on the way home we walked past 3 gated communities called La Tahona, and they are suuuuuuper nice even for back home. Then they also have a huge golf course there, and we found EL ALMACEN.  We looked at the map which is pretty far zoomed out and usually almacens are just tiny little stores, and on the map it showed EL ALMACEN, so we went there and it’s awesome. They have a chiropractor, sushi, a huge meat place, definitely going back there. Then we went to lunch and all day it wasn't really raining, but it was just mist all day. So we went to lunch had a huge lunch I had 5 milanesa sandwiches, a plate of rice a couple pieces of pizza and 3 bowls of desert. Then we walked around and all our appointments fell through, it was miserable, but then we had another noche de hogar and we made that sweet pan de carne thing.

Wednesday - we had a interview conference with our president, so we were there until 5 doing practices and listening to talks, and usually I hate practices, but after my interview with President I kinda enjoyed them. Then we had a noche de hogar with some less actives so we basically did nothing all day.

Thursday - we had a bunch of appointments fall through, but had a really good lesson with 2 investigators. We taught the restoration again and they both seem like this is something that they would like. One’s name is Roxina and the other is Karen- they’re cousins.

Friday - we had a intercambio and since my district is my house,  the hermanas and I went with Elder Childd to his area. It was fun - we basically talked english all day, and hahahahahah I threw super cold water on Elder Childs in the shower. There’s a window for the shower under shoulder height for everyone else, me it’s like under my chest. Our kitchen is like 90 degrees with the heat, so he had the window open.  I threw water on him and he was screaming soo loud, then we tried to close the window and I threw another one and hit him right in the face. The owners wife saw and started laughing super hard. Then we went out and just joked around, it was nice to talk english a full day again.

Saturday - in the morning, we brought my dvd player to Karens house and watched the restoration with her. Unfortunately Roxina couldn't come, but Karen really liked it, and said she would come to church next Sunday because this week was Father’s Day and she was super busy. Then we had basically a missionary workshop thing with the members in our ward.  One elder before us (who went home) started it, but no one showed up, so we are gonna have a 5th Sunday lesson with the members and talk about how to be missionaries at home.

Sunday - I didn’t love today. At first it wasn't bad, a young dude came to the church for the first 2 hours, and sacrament here is last, so we might go stop by his house sometime. Then we had a sweet day planned. We had nice firm plans and a noche de hogar, well allllllllll of our plans fell through, we even went by 12 more people all across our area and no one was home or were busy with company. But we found an investigator that we have been looking for for a while, turns out her house it 1 house over from the trail in the field we always cross. so we talked to her for about 10 minutes and her daughter looks a lot like Jessica, it’s weird. I’ll have to get a picture sometime.

Monday - we had a zone activity, played volleyball which was fun, then milked alfajores, and 2 guys had a contest and 1 guy ate 14, which was crazy. The other one threw up at 10, but I think I’m going to try to beat that sometime.

Anyways, this area is sweet. We have 11 new investigators in the couple weeks we’ve been here, but this week plans fell through.  But they should be better this week hopefully.

Elder Grigor

The muddy field 
My muddy pants 

The family we ate Alfajores with 


Walking through the field 

My cooking towel- I stay real clean! 

The owners cat, he always runs in when we turn on the heater 

The bag of candy that the ants got to 

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