Friday, August 5, 2016

It would’ve been nice to have been there, but I’m needed here.

Monday July 25th, 

I forgot my planner at the house so I’m just gonna give a big summary of the things I can remember. 

So we went by tons of people this week. 1 guy his name is Homberto and he’s less active, but we have been reactivating him. He still hasn't come to church yet, he says he wants to. We even gave him clothes to come so he wouldn't feel uncomfortable, and shoes, but he didn't come because he said the shoes were a little too big.

Another thing - we are teaching a member his name is Edison and we’re baptizing him this Saturday because he’s 9 and still hasn't been baptized. So we’re just about done teaching him and we are baptizing another 8 year old. He’s the son of an investigator that comes to church every week and wants to get baptized, but isn't married yet. Her boyfriend says the start of next year when they finish building the new house, but I doubt it will happen. Pretty much every problem that people have with getting baptized is they aren't married and their spouses don't want to. We started teaching him last Friday and he’s getting baptized this Saturday. 

Another thing I heard that Nancy got baptized, our investigator that we found and taught from from Santa Lucia. Woohoo! It would've been nice to have been there, but I'm needed here. 

Then we had something bad happen. We were contacting all morning and we were fasting as a district for the work in our areas. Before lunch we went to the church to break our fast because it was close. Someone left a door open and some guys got in and sprayed the fire extinguishers everywhere. Some rooms there were completely yellow with the dust. So we spent 3 hours from 2-5 on Saturday cleaning the sacrament room and a little of the hallway. Then a bunch of members came to help with it. 

So I’m doing good. Everything is pretty normal here. We had a little of rain here and there, the house is super cold, oh and I got a little sick but it was going around to everyone.

Oh also today we had to clean the house for inspections which happens on every house by the senior missionaries. So me and Childs went for a nice little run this morning to the church to grab cleaning supplies, lost the phone, but talked to some dude if he had seen it and he gave it to us. Haha but it was good to go for a run again. I miss running ,I need to do it more but no one ever wants to go with me, but yea that’s about it


Elder Grigor

Some members, the littlest one we are going to baptize this Saturday 

Last p-day, the Ravioletta 

Our landlord keeps giving us more Nesquick 

Canadian Pacific and my Canadian Shirt 

All the mess from the vandals. Sad to see something happen like this

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