Friday, September 9, 2016

I'm getting transferred to Vergara

August 2, 2016 

Monday - we left early to teach Juan and Edison, the 2 kids that got baptized on Saturday, apparently a cyclone came through, so it was raining like crazy and it was super windy. 

Tuesday - we went go to do the zone t-shirts which took forever because none of our ideas were working. Then that night it was also raining pretty hard. Not much else happened  

Wednesday - haha so we went by an investigator and started talking and asked her if there is anything we can do for her, and she said jokingly, well I have to make this cake, and we said oh we can do that, so she looked a little surprised and said OK!! here you cook and I’ll go do my laundry, haha so we made a pretty decent cake and she did her laundry, then we ate it afterwards, it was great.

Thursday - can’t really remember too much, oh no I do,  we had a huge war with those little cain plant things, while going through the field, Childs got hit in the arm and started bleeding, I got some funny videos but they won’t send because they are too big,I’m not sure how I will send my best man speech video thing.

Friday - we went to figure things out with the church and the baptismal font because there was no hot water, so a bishop from another ward came and figured it out. Then we cleaned the chapel more.

Saturday!!!! - we had our baptisms today. Well, they were that night, it was at 8:00pm because the ward had a temple trip. But we were at the church all day cleaning the font, then waiting there while it filled up, it was super slow, it took about 6 hours and it wasn’t even that high. But then we had the baptism, I baptized Juan first, and at the end people were saying I didn’t do it right because his foot came out of the water. The witnesses said that it was good, and someone said I said another “y” then there was supposed to be, but I knew I said it right. But yea, my first baptism felt great, then after I just felt like I messed, but I got over it.

Sunday - I thought I was gonna confirm Juan, I was excited and nervous, but the bishop did both of them. Other than that, we just went by some members and less actives.

Monday - we had a choque de fuerza in Malvin, then had a choripan, which is hot dogs but with chorizo’s. Then we found out that my comp is training, so I’m leaving and I’m a mother now!!! (because your trainer is your father and the old comp is the mom) But yea then we figured out I’m leaving. So we went and bought 2 packs of 16 cookies to play alfajores that we are going to milk and eat today, 8 each. But then in the night we figured out I’m going to Vergara, which is a very well known pueblito, and well known for being the worst area in the mission. There are about 15 members and we get 3-4 lunches a month. So I’ll be using a lot of money probably. And starving for a while, but I think the president brings food out to those pueblitos every now and then. But yea so I’m going to my 3rd area and I’m a little excited but also not, because I love my food

Well yea, I had a pretty good week, I’m sad to be leaving. I really liked this house, and my comp, we got along really well. Talk to you soon. 


Elder Grigor

The things we throw at each other in the fields 

I was super cold one morning 

We love McDonald's 

My first baptism 

Saying goodbye to families in Aeroparque 

Cool sign 

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