Tuesday, September 13, 2016

** Picture warning -Not for the faint of heart

August 22nd,2016

Tuesday - had an Intercambio with Elder Lockhart in 33. He’s from California and is sooo funny, haha!! the whole day we were contacting. We went to one house and this lady was just starring out of the door, and we clapped and she moved her eyes over to us and just started mumbling. We tried talking to her but she didn't do anything except mumble, so we thought she was putting a curse on us or something (not really, we were joking about that). Then we just walked away, it was so funny and weird, haha and the next day they went back to that house and there was a dead cat outside, weird.

Wednesday - umm I can’t really remember what we did. Oh we found an awesome biscocho place for 2 pesos each biscocho, which is cheap, like 5 cents. So we bought some then went to Alvaros house, he is awesome. He was just leaving for work as we came up. He said it would only be 30 minutes so we waited there, then an hour later we left. We found a cool switch set for a train, I have a video but it’s pretty long.

Thursday - we went out with the branch president and we were at this ladies house for 2 hours teaching, but it was basically the president that talked for 2 hours.I hit my head on a workout thing in the park, it’s basically like an elliptical but I was on it backwards and tried to lean horizontal, I slipped and one of the legs hit my face, it didn't hurt too bad, I felt my head and felt inside my head and thought “well, this sucks, it’s only 7 and we still have 2 hours.” But we went to the doctor and they fixed me up, I just don’t want a scar there.

Friday -I bought some meds for my head. I have to go into the doctor each day to switch my gauze on my head until Thursday. That’s when they’re taking the stitches out. But again we tried Alvaro and he was just leaving to go to work. Not too much else happened. I think we taught some less actives, but not a lot of people like the church here. They make dumb decisions and blame the church on it. But that’s life

Saturday - I honestly have no idea what we did that day. Oh I know we taught a guy named Nelsen, he gave us a ride home from the lesson which was cool. Oh and somehow the stake president knows about what happened to me, he called up the zone leaders about me. 

Sunday - We went out in the morning and tried to invite Alvaro to church. He had to work from 2-5pm in another town, so we asked if we could pass by at like 7 and he said yea. Only 10 people came to church, it was kinda cold that morning. I taught the class for Sunday School, and i really liked it. I love teaching the gospel, and I would love it sooo much more if it was in English or if I  spoke more Spanish. We went by to visit Alvaro again, and he got a phone call to work as we walked up. There’s always opposition, but all we can do is keep trying. It’ll happen eventually, and I know when it does something will change in him. He’s atheist and has never prayed before, but he’s willing to change if somethings changes in him. He read the Book of Mormon before and liked reading it for the stories. So all we need is for him to pray, well all we need is for him to be home really. 

Monday - we bought some bischochos in the morning, made lunch and now I’m writing. We have family home evening with Morena again tonight.

Life is good. My head kinds hurts a little but it'll heal. Haha we actually met a new less active nurse from it, so maybe it wasn't all for bad. But I learned never to do that again, but yea it was just another slow week. I really would like to get a lesson with Alvaro sometime, but it’ll happen eventually. Sleeping kinda sucks, I put a blanket behind my pillow and sleep kinda sitting up so I don’t roll and rip out my stitches. Only another 4 days before they come out. I don’t know what it is but the streets just just don’t smell great here. I don’t love it!!! 


Elder Grigor

This is what I was using when I hurt my head 

Elder Grigor's head injury 

All stitched up 

Our wonderful Elder Grigor 

And 1 more injury :( 

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