Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It was only one bad week, so we just kept our heads up :)

September 5th, 2016

Tuesday - we had a district meeting in 33, so I read for an hour on the way down, had the meeting and haha, Elder Paskett made gingerbread cookies for everyone and told me before “I’m sorry, blame your father”. I was so confused and then saw my “G” cookie was brutally mangled, apparently it was hard to make a G cookie. Then we went back to Vergara to work, and then left again at 8 to go to 33 for the temple trip. Haha, but we all stayed up partying because everyone was in 33 that night because the bus left at 5 in the morning for Montevideo, but we went to bed at 3 and woke up at 4:50.

Wednesday - drove down to the temple for 4 hours, and then had a nice conference with president, then went through the temple which was awesome!! I haven’t been through for about 5 months so it was good to go again, and I understood everything this time!! Then we went to the distribution centre and I saw a red leather Jesus the Christ in Spanish there but I didn’t have any money on me. Then we drove back at 4ish and told jokes and ate left over pizza and pop from lunch. It was pretty fun.

Thursday - We came back at about 9 and were dead all day from sitting in a shuttle bus with hard seats for 6 hours yesterday so we were pretty dead today, but it was super rainy today and we didn’t get too much done. We just contacted a lot of people in the streets, well.... the ones we could find.

Friday - we taught a man named Jesus who’s reactivating himself, I think my comp had a big impact on him last change and he quit smoking and starting reading the gospel principles book. It was super rainy and not too many people let us in. Haha one guy we went by and he always gives us excuses on why he can’t let us in. Sometimes because he’s fixing wires in his house and other times he just gives us lame excuses. Well, this time he did that and then said “there’s always somewhere else to go right??” We didn’t have anything else that day, so we just walked in the rain trying to talk to people.

Saturday - the president texted us today and said to come over for his daughters birthday party. So we went over at 4 and stayed all night haha. We were talking to a lot of people being normal people with them. Then I started playing with all the kids because his daughter turned 4. So I played around chasing them, and they were tackling me on the couch for about 2 hours.

Sunday - we went around to people reminding them about church doing contacts and stuff, then spent the whole day at the church, we cleaned it after church and then had correlation with the president.

Monday - we traveled up to Rio Branco which borders with Brasil and everything is super cheap up there. So we have been saving up for this and we came up and bought some new pants for 15 dollars, and 2 shoes for 24ish. We got really cheap stuff and we can use these for tracting and stuff.

This week was really quick. It felt like I just had the temple trip, but it was also just rainy and miserable, I didn’t have too much success this week, but it’s only one bad week, so we just kept our heads up and and joked around a lot, and talked with a lot of people too! 

That’s about it this week, love you guys!!


Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor and his companion on a "cool bridge" 

Filling up at a buffet restaurant 

Elder Grigor's plate of food 

So much food

Elder Grigor "stuffed" after 1 plate. 

From Elder Grigor : "haha, I was mad at the buffet, because I loaded up on
 all the good stuff at the front, and found out after I ate it all that the 
meats were in the back around a corner, so I missed out on all the good 
stuff, plus I only ate 1 plate 😥, I'm losing my appetite here😭"

Love this wonderful young man!!! 

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