Saturday, September 10, 2016

We started off slow, but finished strong!

August 15th, 2016

Tuesday - we went to the church to accompany our branch president in an interview because he doesn’t like to be in the building alone with females. So we just sat outside for an hour waiting. Then at night we went to have that asado thing with the friend of the president, I’m not sure if he wants anything to do with the church but he was a cool dude, made some good chorizos and rice!  and he had the Olympics on... I wasn’t watching... but it was tennis, a Uruguayan and a Brazillian. 

Wednesday - We had english class in the morning with an eternal investigator, of 4 years I think. We taught him, then basically had a lesson with him afterwards, and made a plan for him to stop smoking. Then we just had a normal day walked a lot because no one talks to us.

Thursday - had a massive lunch with Hermana Morena, she has this pizza pan about 20" wide and 4" tall and filled it with pasta with meat and potatoes and stuff on top, I ate about 3/4 of it, and wasn’t too full, but pretty full. Then we went out with our president, and visited some less actives, one lady didn't really know anything about the gospel and didn't believe in resurrection, that Jesus was resurrected, and thought baptisms for the dead were crazy. I don’t know how she got baptized, because she didn't even know that we believed those things and she was talking about other religions.

Friday - not a lot happened, we walked around a lot, and had a decent lesson with a less active, we read alma 36:3,27,28 about being lifted up in afflictions, and he said he would come to church! Also Ty's wedding day!!! It finally happened! I didn’t think about it really at all, until the lesson, I was showing him pictures of the fam, and I said “and this is my brother and my... sister in law, they got married about 4 minutes ago”. Haha yea it was a good day.

Saturday - Probably the best day here, so we had a full day set up, then all of our plans fell through, so we got really open. We decided to try a new way of contacting people, basically we do a survey, to peak their interest, and we found 2 less actives that want us to come over, then 2 normal people, 1 a 17 year old kid who said we could come over, and an atheist that talked with the missionaries awhile ago and read the Book of Mormon a lot because he liked it haha. We knocked on his house because he has a multi axis chair in his yard, and we asked if we could use it sometime and he said yea. Then we contacted him, gave him a Book of Mormon because he lost the other one, and he said yea I’ll read it if anything changes, or if something clicks I’ll change my life. 

Sunday - normal attendance at church, none of the new people we visited came, or the less actives that we visited, but we had 18 people there, and I gave a talk in sacrament about the Brother of Jared and repentance. I thought it was pretty good, I don’t know if my Spanish was very good though.

Monday - went exploring again this morning, ate then went to write, not much happened

This week was good, started off slow but finished strong, we didn’t see much success and we were kinda getting down, but then we went to work and everything starting falling into place. Time is going pretty quick, I have already been here 2 weeks , I’m just hoping something will come from Alvaro, he’s a really good dude and super prepared.

Les quiero mucho 

Elder Grigor

Hermana Morena

Attempting to ride a cow 

Cheese Biscocho

MisiĆ³n Vida 

My first day on the job as a bus driver!! 

Mission selfie!

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