Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We finally had a lesson with Alvaro!!!

August 29th, 2016

Tuesday - We had a district meeting in 33, so I got a nice hour on a pretty comfy bus, they only have greyhounds out here. Then I had a 1 hour nap on the way back too. Then we went to the hospital after that, to check on my head. I have to do that everyday, sometimes it takes 5 minutes, another times it took 1 hour. Then we did some contacting, which here is knocking doors because no one answers, and then we had a noche de hogar with a recent convert, we learned how to make meatballs.

Wednesday - We had English class in the morning with a guy named Juan who always seems drunk but I guess he might just be like that, because he never smells like it and says he hasn't had a drink for 2 months. Then we went back to the hospital waited for a bit, then just had a pretty normal day. We did service for Morena, an older lady in our ward, we basically took her for a walk, and bought some things for her house then carried them home... it took 3 hours. We had an appointment after we helped Morena and they showed up 1 hour late, at the same time as us. At first I was a little mad that the "service" was taking so long with Morena, but God always has a plan. We help her and still met with the family. It was good, we cheered her up a lot. She reminds me of grandma, she always has treats. The less active family that we taught after that said they would come to church so it all worked out. 

Thursday - This was the day that I thought I was going to get my stitches out, but apparently I was supposed to take the bandage off at home after working, so it still wasn’t ready, and then had another day of teaching.

Friday - We waited for Juan in the morning for English class, but he didn't show up, then we went to the hospital after lunch, which has been noodles, some sauce and chorizo for the past 2 weeks since we never have any money in Vergara. They still didn’t take the stitches out. We finally had a lesson with Alvaro!!!!! It was awesome. We went in and read the talk in the July Liahona about science and our search for the truth, and he prayed at the end, and we scheduled another lesson for Tuesday!

Saturday - So this day was weird. We had some lessons, but one lesson we went by the house and the kid said “yea, our mom will be here shortly”. So we waited with them just talking, then 1 hour later the mom came. So we started talking with her and then she just left to the back room and didn’t come back for 20 minutes. We didn’t want to waste anymore time there and left. By then it was dark out and nothing happens here when its dark, everyone goes inside and drinks mate. We tried some people but no one was home.

Sunday - So we went by a couple people in the morning, reminding them about church like always, but it rained today so not many people came to church (here when it rains or it’s bad weather people don’t like to come to church) then I gave a talk in church about John 15:16. Then we had correlation afterwards and the president always talks for forever after church so we were at the church all day

Monday - worked out in the morning, then came to do cyber, but tonight we have another noche de hogar with Morena.

It was a good week, things are starting to pick up a little more, and hopefully it will be nicer next Sunday, so we can get more people coming to church!! 


Elder Grigor

At a recent converts house, their son put those on us

A picture to match Ty on his mission 

Getting stitched up 

This is what I was doing when I cut my head

Family Home Evening making meatballs at a members home 

This is what my head looks like now after I got my stitches out 

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