Friday, September 30, 2016

An answer to my prayers

September 26th, 2016 

Tuesday - we went down to 33 for district meeting, it’s a nice hour nap, or reading the scriptures. Then we just did contacts all day because no one was home, we still only managed to get about 10 because there’s no one ever in the streets. Then we had a noche de hogar with a viejita (little old lady) name maria. 

Wednesday - was a normal day. Then we went to a recent converts house to teach her, but there wasn’t a guy home so we couldn’t go inside. So we played soccer with her 8 year old grandson, it was me and him vs my comp, and we won!!!! Then we got a call from the Wankiers the senior couple in the mission. They said they were coming to check our house in 45 minutes and they had my packages. So we ran home and cleaned the house nice and good. They were actually impressed with how clean it was, then I got my PACKAGES!!!!!!! Woohoo!!  Sooo much candy and goodies, and food. That was an answer to my prayers because we were running out of food, because we have had to go down to 33 so much, so yea that was sweet. 

Thursday - we had divisions with our president and the first counsellor juan pablo (juan po) who are 27 and 22, juan is actually preparing to go on a mission. So me and president walked around all of Vergara looking for less actives to go teach but no one was home. Or if we found someone we just stood outside talking for 20 minutes because they didn’t want to talk about anything religious. HAHA then we were walking back to the chapel and these 2 girls walked by and as soon as they passed they both kinda looked at me and giggled and president said.. “aay estas un jugador” which means “you are a player”, and I didn’t know what he was talking about and I said “de mujeres?” (of women) and he just laughed and said no. So I’m assuming the mission, I’m a player of the mission.

Friday - I don’t remember what we did this day. I’m assuming we just walked around trying to find people to talk to in this barren town. But I think we did actually find someone that day who said we could come back and talk. So that’s a plus!

Saturday - we played soccer in the morning with a less active kid and juan po, and I realized I suck. So me and my comp practiced a lot after we played. And I’m a lot better, but he told me I’m really good at defence and passing. I just need to work on my attacking. But not too much else happened today, oh we made smore’s that night. First we just burned all of the boxes in the house, then our garbage, then when that ran out we used the oven top. Haha it’s actually really hard to use the burners on the oven because all the heat concentrates in one spot. I burnt a lot, I’m ashamed of myself, haha!! 

Sunday - we went around in the morning reminding people about church, we actually had ward conference today and 39 people came!!!! We usually get 19, but I think it was because about 20 people from 33 came. Haha but my comp was supposed to teach the lesson and forgot. So I prepared it 10 minutes before and everyone from the stake presidency was thanking me for my awesome lesson, haha!  Then we were walking out and right after church Hermana Morena went to the almecen at the corner and bought a cake for some reason. Then asked us to pick it up and bring it to her house. So we did that, and she gave us a bowl of soup! Dinner for once in my time in Vergara! including in our home, because we don’t have much money. Oh also we got a reference from a less actives members daughter who lives in 33 but came up for branch conference. She said her friend is sad and needs some helps, so could be a nice opportunity. The thing is, it’s the missionaries from before that went over and she never let them in, but who knows!

Monday - me and my comp went and bought some stuff, then just sat in the house and talked for a while then came to do ciber, but he was trunky because he just hit 1 year, but then thought “but I still have 1 whole year left 😱”. I helped him forget about that. Things got really slow around here and I was starting to feel bad, because we’ve been trying and nothing has been happening. But thinks are slowly starting to pick up again, so best thing to do is blame the city your in and not yourself. Haha, no I’m kidding! The best thing to do is try, if you do maybe the work wont move forward, but you will. 



Elder Grigor hurt his foot playing soccer. P-days are rough on him! 

"Because he loves you, He will place you upon His shoulders, rejoicing. And when He brings you home , He will say to one and all " Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost" - 
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf 

" I got my PACKAGES!!!!! Thanks mom & dad,  and the Curtis Family!!!! 

Reading letters from home. One of his favourite things (besides food!!!) 

An answer to prayers - food!!!! 

The bare streets of Vergara- except for the dogs!! 

Walking through the streets of Vergara 

Finding beauty in a sunset

Making s'mores in our fireplace 

......and then resorting to the stovetop when we ran out of things to burn!!! 

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