Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Conference was so great!!!

October 3rd,2016

Tuesday - Had district meeting, again, haha we've used about half of our money on bus tickets these 2 weeks, and the other half on food so we don't die, mostly just rice and beans because it's cheap. But we had a super rich less active give us lunch on Tuesday, I think every Tuesday now, but she wasn't there, so she had her maid cook for us. It was like having our own personal chef. But then we went to Morena's house, and learned how to make amazing empanadas, so we made about 20 and they were huge, like the size of my hand, and I ate about 7, I was sooo full after that, it was awful, but then we just contacted all day.

Wednesday - Haha we didn't have a lot to do today, but we still somehow got 2 new investigators. 1 is the boyfriend of a less active member, and another the husband of a less active member, so we are working with these 2 families to try and get them to come to church with their families and spouses. Nothing else happened that day, just that we went exploring a little because nothing was happening with contacts lessons. We found a little beach and river thing, with a bunch of cool hiking trails I think. Other than that not much else happened.

Thursday - in the morning we helped Jesus do his family history, he's a member now, but he was a less active about 6 weeks ago. We reactivated him and are helping him do his family history to go to the temple, he had just a strong feeling that he needed to start his family history. We started with only his moms history, he had a sheet of paper I think up to his mom, and we found records up to his great grandma. We started him with a brand new family history account, and he left with about 20 people on his family tree now.

Friday - haha ok so today we were walking in the street and a drunk girl and guy walked up to us, and the girl said woah! hey a ver muestre me un poco de tu cuerpo (hey show me a little bit of your body) and  es cierto que mormones no pueden tener el amor ( hey mormons aren't allowed to (make love) right? and I said "no we can, but after we're married" then she said ahh que necesito hacer para ser tu esposa (what do i need to do to be your wife) and I was just kinda laughing the whole time, then the dude was talking to my comp and said "woah! look at the size of his shoes! I would love to have shoes like that to have something else big... man I would sell my soul to the devil to have that".  Haha I was laughing for a while after that.

Saturday - alright on a holier note, conference!!!!! Today was sweet we went to the plaza house, dropped our stuff off and watched conference. But the tv wasn't working for the gringos so we watched it in the tiny secretaries office, all 6 of us, But is was good, except sometimes people would be playing music super loud outside and we couldn't hear, but I loved it. Then we went to grido in between sessions (an ice cream shop down here) and after all the sessions we went home, and I made 4 pizzas for everyone because there were 6 people in the house again, haha for some reason it's always a big party when we go down there, 

Sunday - Well we all woke up, I made another 2 pizzas for everyone, which was just making the dough and putting cheese on it, because we're poor. Everyone was starving that day because there was no food in the house. But then we watched conference again!! It was awesome to see it in English this time, and to see all of it, since last time we were stuck in the house because I forgot the keys in the lock in the front door. Then we took a bus at 8:40 to Vergará....

Monday - well in the morning we played soccer in our backyard for 2 hours, then we came to ciber!!!

Well this week was good, still slow but better than the other weeks!


Elder Grigor

These Empanadas were so good!!!! 

Elder Grigor "just posing" 

"The river we found" 

Elder Grigor being his goofy self!!! 

The trail leading up to the river. Maybe he was praying for food!!!!

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