Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We had a little miracle!!!!

October 17th, 2016 

Tuesday - we had district meeting in 33 then had lunch at Alisa’s house, haha so we forgot to text her so she had her maid cook for us quick. The maid ordered 2 burgers and we got there at around 2 and she said they would be here quick. They didn’t come for one and a half hours so we were there until 4, we went home changed and did some contacting then went to Morena’s house for the Noche de Hogar.

Wednesday - So I forgot my planner at the plaza house in 33 so I won’t get that until Saturday. Today we had an old lady in our ward who never gives lunches to the missionaries give us lunch, it was good gnocchi's with some sauce and ground beef. But then we had almost a free day today, but we visited a less active, but I cant really remember who. Oh also we went to Jesus and taught him about tithing and fast offerings, I think he’s gonna be the new counsellor within the next couple weeks. But in the night we couldn't sleep because a massive fly kept flying around our ears and annoying us, so we turned the lights on and started hunting it. We could only hear it, then we would see it for 2 seconds maybe and yell ahi esta!!!!!! (there it is!!!!!) and freak out throwing an old pair of pants around the room trying to hit it, so eventually we trapped it in the study room, a lot smaller than our room. It still took forever but I finally killed it, long story short, it took 30 minutes to kill. 

Thursday - lunch with Hermana Morena, always soo good. It was soooo hot in the morning, and a hermana in our ward wanted us to visit her, and she lives out of town about a 30-40 min walk. So we walked there in the blazing sun dying, we got to her house aaannndddd... she wasn’t home, she was working. So we did some contacts with the people we could find on that road and then went to lunch. Then we did splits with Juan Pablo, visited some members and less actives to see if they were coming to the activity on Saturday, but then it started to cool down and actually started raining. We went around to people houses but they didn’t let us in, some when we contacted them just say “no no no it’s raining!” and close the door. Like we didn’t know it was raining, standing outside soaking wet :)  Then we stopped by Alisa, the super rich lady, and she was just heading to the gym, so she gave us a big bowl of arroz con leche (I don’t know what that it is in English - rice and milk??) to take home.

Friday - so my comp was hurting today, he was walking with his legs super wide apart in the morning and he said he was chaffing super bad. Like me in Hawaii, so I felt bad for him and we went to the house and took a day off so he could rest. It actually started hurting him on Wednesday I think, it was better Thursday, then worse Friday. I knew how he felt.. also in the night we had a huge water fight, Lopez was in the shower and I was brushing my teeth, and I spit cold water on him so he opened the door and splashed water on me. Then I went to the kitchen and filled a cup and stuck it in the freezer to cool it. Then I waited until he opened the bathroom door and I splashed him with water, then he took his ALMOST empty shampoo bottle and filled it up, and I grabbed his pillow as a shield, but he still sprayed it all over the house, haha good news is, the house is a lot cleaner.

Saturday - alright, we left in the morning and it was pretty hot again so we thought lots of people would come to the activity, (the stake planned an activity at the stake center. We played games where you get beans for the games, then based on what colour of beans you got is what kingdom you go to, (celestial, terrestrial and telestial,) but it started raining, so only like 60 people came. It was fun, me and Lopez were in charge of the games, so I had the card games  called “do we bet??” that was the theme of the cards games.  So I was moving the cards around super fast and you had to follow them, everyone wanted to try it because it looked cool and fun. But I gave black beans because it was one of the bad games. So I gave a lot of black  beans to lot of people. But it was cool, then there was food and me and another missionary started handing them out on a little platter, I felt like a flight attendant haha. Then we went home and slept.

Sunday - we decided to stay in for the morning since church is at 2 and leave at 12 to go get people to come to church, but it rained in the morning. Basically no one here if it rains even Saturday night they decide they’re not going to church. But only 13 people came, and I gave a 15 minutes talk on the spot, they said “now we’ll hear from Elder Grigor, so I took a verse we read with a less active in the morning and gave a talk on that, I thought it went well. Then out of nowhere an investigator called us. This girl we went by like 6 times to see if she was there and didn’t have any luck and I didn’t think my old comp had too much luck either. We texted her about 1 week ago to see if we could come over, so she called us and we set up an appointment for Saturday this week, because she works a lot and that’s her only free day. So that was a little miracle. We went to the bus station because we have a district activity /lunch Monday, and we needed to go to 33 and then cook everything (because we left some ingredients there on Saturday), go to cyber, have the lunch then the activity, and the only bus was at 12:30 am... so we slept a bit then took that bus and went down to 33.

Monday - so we got here early in the morning and cooked chicken fried rice, then we came to cyber, then afterwards we’re gonna have a lunch then go to a museum I think for the activity. Should be fun!! 

Well this week went by quick. This change has gone by really quick actually, but we had a little miracle this week, which is awesome!! Things might actually start to happen in this area, and of course right when I’m about to leave haha oh well, at least it’s getting better thats all that matter.


Elder Grigor

Things got a little crazy in the plaza house 

Doing some errands for Hermana Morena - we were wearing her hats!! 

The Stake Activity 

Doing my card game 

The different kingdoms 

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