Friday, November 4, 2016

I'm getting transferred to La Paloma

October 25th, 2016 

Tuesday - had our final district meeting, today, and he had a super duper mega ultra xxl alfajor milkiada (that’s what our district leader named it) haha so we went and bought alfajores and milk and everyone in our district milked 4 alfajores each! then we had an intercambio with plaza Elder Filigrana and Elder Ramos, I went with Filigrana and we were working and got a call from another area and they came down for an intercambio with the zone leader`s so we got them, took them to the house, then went in trios with them for the night, we found a new investigator too with them. Then we all slept in the plaza house, 6 people  5 beds, yea.. it was fun.

Wednesday - so haha my comp was reading the bus times on Tuesday and read them wrong and we missed our bus, so we took the one at 1. Then we went to Alisas house for lunch and had some amazing food like always at her house. Then we did some contacts, taught a menos activo named Luismar then had a noche de hogar with hermana morena to finish off the night. 

Thursday - so I had a fear that I was going to be called as the new financier for some reason, (lucky I wasn’t) but we were getting ready in case I did because they go into the offices on the Saturday instead of Wednesday to get used to everything. But we had splits with Jaun Pablo, we just went around trying to find people that were home, but no one was home, and it was also raining so nobody wanted to talk to us. 

Friday - well it was raining again this week, I hate when it rains here. If I’m not working I love the rain but I hate it when I’m working because it’s like Uruguay just shuts off when it rains. But today was better, haha we had a lesson with Irio, and we were talking about him coming to church, and he started making excuses that he had to take care of his grandson (who was there with us) because his mom was working Sunday, and the grandson said “no she’s not, she only works today your free tomorrow”, haha he totally called his bluff, it was awesome. But then he still made an excuse to why he couldn't go, then we tried to do another noche de hogar with the Ramos Barreto family. The family we milked alfajores with before. They were all doing their own things when we were there, and they had some random dude there too, so we shared a scripture and the 1 son stopped whatever he was doing, I’m not sure what, and came and listened. It was sweet and we have some service with them next week. 

Saturday - so the miracle phone call we got last Sunday from Dhara, we set up an appointment with her Saturday because it’s her only free day from work. But we went by and her mom said work called her in. So we set up another appointment for Monday. Then we had plans to go to a little town north of Vergara with Hermana Morena, but she didn't have money so we went up there, and it’s tiny!!!!! Honestly it’s about the size of our neighbourhood, just around the beach house. There’s maybe 100 houses, and we had no idea where the old investigators lived so we just contacted a bunch of houses, found 1 old investigator and set up an appointment with him. Then contacted some dude and taught him the first lesson because he was curious what we did, he’s catholic, and he was telling us he didn't think baptism as a baby was right, it should be older. So we explained that then taught him the restoration, but he said he just joined his church and he’s not looking for another big change right now. But that’s ok, one day he’ll come around. Then we found these 2 kittens that kept following us around everywhere so we played with them for a bit then tried to ditch them so they couldn't follow us anymore, then we took the bus and went home!

Sunday - went around to people in the morning reminding them about church, but it rained in the morning so we figured not many people were gonna come, and we were right, 12 people came. But it was good, haha I was playing with all the kids the whole time though, and I prepared the class while I was giving it because I forgot about it. But then we had correlation my last one here, 😭 and I tried to visit some people in the night but no one was home. 

Monday - so apparently we were supposed to have district meetings today too, so we went down, and the other district didn't have them. So we did ours quick then came back here, walked around saying bye to people because we figured I was leaving, and our lesson with Dhara fell threw again! So hopefully next change they can go by her. Then we had my last noche de hogar with Morena, and we got the call for transfers while we were there. And I’m leaving!!!!!! but I’m going to another pueblito (all of my areas have been pueblitos (little towns)) I’m going to La Paloma in the zone rocha, and ok so there’s some hard areas like mine right now and then theres La Paloma in rocha is the number one, nothing absolutely nothing happens there. And it’s smaller then Vergara, and we get less lunches 😭😭.  We do get bikes there, so that’s good. So when Morena heard I was leaving she started crying so we said bye to her and i went home to pack

Tuesday -I finished packing all my stuff and we came to do ciber, then we’re going to go to 33 for p-day and spend the last day there, then I’m off to La Paloma; not only am I just going to La Paloma, I’m going in white wash so I’ll get there the same time as my comp, and know the same about the area as my comp, absolutely nothing.

Well I was really excited to be leaving here to get lunches mostly, and now I’ll be eating rice and beans all day, e`ery day, so this should be a fun experience. haah I just want an area that has normal roads, and isn’t all dirt, and that maybe has 5 or 6 lunches a week, and people, that more than anything, I can survive everything else, it’s the fact that there’s no one ever to talk to. Well this was a long one so I’ll wrap it up. 

Love you all bye!!!

Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor at a district activity 


Little kittens Elder Grigor found 

Riding a horse in Rincon

Elder Grigor playing with the President's daughter 

Such a great smile on that young man!!!! 

Saying goodbye to the Branch President and his family 

Saying goodbye to Morena 

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