Monday, November 21, 2016

I'm here, not for me...but for the people I am serving

November 14th, 2016 

Monday - did do much just emailed, oh we found out Elder Rasband is coming down here on the 17th and not much else! There’s not too much to do here kinda like Vergara!

Tuesday - had district meeting in Rocha, it was good, we got to know everyone in the district and talked about their areas, it was good. Then we took the bus back to La Paloma! haha in all of my areas I’ve had to take the bus to district meeting, 1 hour basically every Tuesday there and back. Because I’ve only been in pueblitos, that were basically dead before I got there. 

Wednesday - So we started some english classes, had one yesterday and one today, and one tomorrow too, every week I think. We were just contacting and found a guy who asked if one of us spoke english and if I could teach him. So I’m teaching him english, it’s weird seeing how difficult it is to explain everything, I never knew english was so hard. Umm didn't do much else, just contacting all day because no one else was home.

Thursday - good day today, had 2 new investigators, 1 of them is named Shesel, she dated the bishops son in some ward for 6 years, and knew a lot about the religion itself, but had a lot of questions, she asked us if we really believe that people wont go to heaven if they aren’t baptized, and that she doesn’t like churches because she doesn’t  like to think that she needs someone to communicate with god. So we both bore our testimonies, and I told her my story of how I didn’t really leave for myself, I kinda left for everyone else, then 3 weeks in the MTC. I started praying to know a lot of questions I had, and I got the all the answers the next day and now I’m here, not for me, but for the people I’m serving. So she kinda changed after that and told us she would pray. Then we got another new investigator named Angel but he just said: “yea yea of course”, exactly to everything, then my comp challenged him to baptism, and he said yea yea of course, then we told him we would pick him up Sunday to take him to church.

Friday - umm tried to go by a lot of people today, no one was home, then at about 6 we tried to go by a members house who just got back from Montevideo, and we got lost and walked about 1 hour and a half to find his house, and he had to leave at 8:00 so we visited quickly then left. Then just did some more contacting.

Saturday - just another fun day of nothing but contacts and learning the city. But we went by an old members house, because we were talking with our branch pres and he said he thought someone was staying at her house, (she has Alzheimer's) because they found phone bills at her house, and she doesn’t have a phone, and also we contacted a man who said he lived there, so we stopped by to see if everything was alright, and we didn't see signs of anyone else. Then we went home because it was fairly late. 

Sunday - so we went to pick up angel and he said, alright I’ll come but this is the last time!! last time!! haha was just thinking, when was the first time?? but he came to church, and here we have the class first then the sacrament, so I gave the class ( I forgot to prepare it again, but luckily I gave this in Vergara) and almost at the end, Angel got up and left, so my comp followed him, and he said he got bored, and realized he needed to buy stuff for lunch... So yea that’s a summary of the work here. Then we did contacts all day, we did about 70 this week, and tried to go by some people, again no one was home, but we kept going, then we were walking near the beach like 2 blocks away, and I wanted to go by 1 more family to see if they were home. But the sunset was just happening, I really wanted to watch it, but I thought “well the sunset will always be there, I can see it later, so well go by this family and if they aren't there then we’ll watch it”. We got lost going to their house, took about 30 mins and they weren't there. So yea, missed the sunset and just walked in the streets all day. Tons of fun!!!

Monday - went to the beach for a bit in the morning to watch the waves, took a couple pics, then we came to ciber! and that’s it.

well this week was alright, got some new investigators, we’ve had 6 new ones in the past 3 weeks, which is better than before, but we’re just finding a hard time getting a second lesson with them, because we don't know their schedules too well, and for some reason just no one had been home this week. Not even the less actives we’ve been trying to find, (because we still don't know the area too well). It’s getting pretty hard to keep doing this, 2 changes in Vergara was enough, but we’re actually seeing a bit of success. I just hope next week that people will be home. 

Love Elder Grigor

We made some fried chicken for 6 dollars. 2 kilos of Chicken was 3 dollars here!!! 

I turned the fridge up and it froze my eggs! haha
So if you ever wondered what a frozen egg looks like- this it! 

Chillin at the beach on P -day 

Since he can't swim- he will be a lifeguard! 

We have an inside family joke about using our hands for binoculars - 
so he is using his "binoculars" to see better!!! haha

Elder Grigor being his fun, goofy self!!! 

Elder Grigor trying to do splits on the beach 

The view from the church- so pretty! 

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