Monday, November 21, 2016

I just felt like coming home :( but I know it's just another test for me.

November 7th, 2016 

Monday - on the way back from Chuy, this guy was trying to sell empanadas in the bus, and no one was buying them, they were like 35 pesos each one, so I felt a little bad, so I bought 4, 2 for me 2 for my comp, and they were good, then like 10 other people bought some right afterwards. It felt good to help him out a little.

Tuesday - we went to the Aguada a little pueblito, and visited a member that moved up from Montevideo, then we just rode around the coast a bit, did some contacting.

Wednesday - so my comp is a new district leader, and we went to Montevideo for a meeting for the new district leaders.  So we woke up at 4:30 because we had a bus at 5:05, so my comp woke up, (and I can’t hear my alarm from the top bunk) so he woke me up at 4:50 just enough to get ready and leave...... but then we had a 3:30 hour ride down. It was cool, I saw Elder Lockhart there, he’s in his 5th change and he’s a district leader. That’s pretty quick. But I saw Elder Lopez there too. It was cool to talk to him, then we had a bus at 4:00 and we just walked around Tres Cruces for a while and I started talking to some people from New Jersey that were visiting. Then we left at 4:00 and got back home at 8:30ish and then went to bed. 

Thursday - so we started riding out almost to La Pedrera because we had an appointment with someone out there, then my bike broke, the back gear popped off, so that’ll be 1000 pesos to fix... woooo!!! So it was about 5:00 and I walked it home because I couldn’t ride it, that took about 2 hours. So we didn't do too much today. I was dead when we got home though.

Friday - we got 2 new investigators today, 1 atheist and 1 catholic I think, or some christian church, but we taught them. Umm then we just walked around all day getting to know La Paloma, then the Wankiers came up to check out the bikes, and then we figured out that I would need to pay for a new one, but I can reimburse it. Then I tried to send my package, but we missed it by 9 minutes, so we just left it in the church and went and did some contacting. We were talking with just about everyone here, and we actually have a lot of people lined up for the coming weeks, but there’s probably a lot who just said it to be nice to us. 

Saturday - I finally sent the package, hopefully it gets there in time, it should. But also we went to the lighthouse here, it was super cool, and on the top we met a Swiss girl, visiting here because her brother lives in Montevideo. So we started talking, and she speaks 4 languages, german, english, spanish and french. So we started talking in english, because she speaks better english, and we invited her to church. We said we could walk with her and show her where it is. She said yes! so we walked by the church with her. Then in the night I got a little sick, my throat was killing me and I got all stuffed up, and also...... my comp said I snore NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to snore!!!

Sunday - well the Swiss girl came to church! ( I forgot it was Fast Sunday though, so I’m fasting next Sunday) but it was good, haha at one point she ran out with her backpack, I thought awesome! good first impression! but she was just saying hi to one of her friends I think, then she came back, haha it scared me a little, but unfortunately she is only here 2 more days then she goes back home, but good thing there are missionaries over there too! Then we had some appointments set up but they all fell through. But we found a man that wants to learn english so we are gonna start an english class, then we tried to find some less actives, none were home, then this old couple who the missionaries always give the sacrament to on Sunday weren't there. I was just kinda done with that day, I really just wanted to go home, like Canada home. I had no energy, no one was home, and it was just a horrible day for me, also.. I’m having a tough time teaching with my comp, he just finished training and still thinks he’s training. So he talks the whole time, and barely lets me talk, then sometimes he will cover like 7 topics all at once, then look at me for me to say something. I always just think, “you can’t do that dude, you just covered every single thought I had and expect me to say something.”

It was a good week, we found new people to help them and teach them but I’m just having a tough time with my companion, haha we don’t really talk too much in the street, and we’re basically always in the streets, then teaching with him is difficult, but its just another test for me, and to help me with my patience and learning how to teach a little better. He just always answers questions insanely fast just to talk sometimes then while he’s talking, he finds the answer, then relates it to 10 different things. But the area is amazing, on Monday we went to the beach for a couple hours in the morning, skipping rocks, living the good ol missionary life! 


Elder Grigor 

Elder Grigor got bit by a dog- another scar to come home with! 

Checking out the lighthouse 

The view from the lighthouse in La Paloma 

A seal on the beach in La Paloma 

Enjoying the empanadas on the bus 

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