Monday, November 28, 2016

It was nice to see something from our work here

November 21st, 2016 

Tuesday - we had an intercambio in Rocha today, so we both went over there and stayed the night. But it was a really good day, and we saw a lot more success there than in our area. But we found 2 new investigators, a 40 year old dude and his mom, it was cool because he told us that he asked this question to every religious person he knew and no one could answer him. So he said he died then went to a place, and he saw his grandma and his friend (who died) and then his grandma said his mom needed I’m to return and he came back to life, then he said is that real? is there a life after this. Me and elder cruz (my comp for the day) both looked at each other with a smile and thought him the plan of salvation and he agreed to get baptized. Then we stayed the night and left in the morning

Wednesday - so we worked in our area only for the day then we had to go sleep in Rocha again because Elder Rasband was coming tomorrow and the bus left at 4. So we had a decent day, we had a lesson with Angel, and haha he always has the tv on, so he sits in the doorway and his bed is right beside the tv, so I was right by it and just kinda held the pamphlet that we use to teach in front of the tv haha. Well he paid more attention but always says of course, of course, exactly, exactly! Then we taught a less active, I can’t remember who exactly. 

Thursday - so we didn’t sleep too much because a valiente (that what we call the people who are in their last change) was there and we were just talking about his whole mission and tons of people that he knew and that we knew. So we went to bed at … I’m not sure what time, late because the window was also open and some dude was blasting music. But we woke up at 3 then left at 4, I didn’t really sleep too much in the bus though. But we got there and Elder Rasband talked, it was amazing, haha sometimes when I was looking at him my eyes would unfocus and he would have a white ring around him, it was cool to see, like the ring around Jesus in all the catholic pictures. But we all got to shake his hand, then he spoke, he testified so strongly at the end about Jesus, it was amazing. I would like to be able to do that one day. Then the pres spoke to us a little about Christmas in the mission, then we left. We got home at around 8:30 and I didn’t sleep at all, so when the alarm went off in the morning I shut it off, and since my comp doesn’t really care we slept a little late like 8ish. 

Friday - today was interesting, we went to see angel and he ran out saying never come back, never come back, so we turned our bikes around and left. Then we went to an area called Barrio Parque which is a little town just outside of La Paloma, and we found an old investigator named Jorge who already went to church a couple times, but said he couldn't go more because of work, he’s a fisherman. So we taught him the restoration and challenged him to be baptized, and he said: “well a fisherman doesn’t really have a set schedule because I don’t have a boss, so we’ll see”. haha that was nice to see something from our work. Then we just contacted around Barrio Parque for a while, went home, and talked to the Trini’s, because they were out of town for 2 weeks, and they gave us hot chocolate and toast.

Saturday - I can’t remember at all what we did today, haha I forgot to bring my planner here, oh we went looking for some people who told us to pass by, pretty much alllll day, one we couldn't find and the other said they didn't want anything. Then we helped a member with some family problems, but haha on her tv she was playing Shania twain haha I haven’t heard that kind of music in soooo long. 

Sunday - well Jorge didn’t come to church, but we had 18 people come this week. And mostly all from our ward. Then we cooked chicken wings again! They were good but needed more salt. Then we went to Barrio Parque again to teach a less active, and my comp asked them if they had ever seen Meet the Mormons, they said no and he told them to put it on. I could tell he didn’t really want to work that day, but I told him we should leave about halfway through because we had a charla with our neighbours, how we always try to pass by but they are never home, then when they are there, there just leaving, but they weren’t there anyways, then we took the sacrament to the Trini's and went home to sleep.

Monday - so today we went to the Lagoon of Rocha, basically just a huge lake, but it took like an hour and a half to get there, and my comp rides slow, but it was cool, then we were walking back on the beach about 20 meters from the water taking a short cut, and a massive wave came and the water came and soaked my shoes, I was looking the other way and didn't hear it because of the wind, haha then we came to do ciber. 

So all in all it was a good week, even though Angel told us to never come back, haha our only "progressing" investigator, we found another, and I met an apostle. But it’s getting pretty hard here, in Vergara there was just nothing ever, and here we have some success then it all just falls apart. But we had a fun time out in the Lagoon of Rocha, found a cool cliff thing to jump from (into sand of course) but yea good week


Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor had to cover up this statue to keep the picture modest and clean! 

Good to see that the beaches have wheelchair access ! 

    Elder Grigor killed a bunch of cockroaches with Raid and fire. I don't think I could stomach that !! 

On the way to the Lagoon 

The mode of transportation for the missionaries in La Paloma 

Still being his fun natured self! 

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