Monday, November 28, 2016

If we work to find the good out of the bad, something good will always happen.

November 28th, 2016 

Tuesday - so I had an intercambio with Elder cruz, my very first zone leader, it’s crazy he’s going home now, when I knew him he had 15 months. But it was good we went to the lighthouse again because we had another "free day" where all our appointments fall through and we just contact. Then we skipped rocks for a bit, taught english to Dennis, who then invited us over for lunch on Sunday!!! That was pretty sweet, then we had a lesson with Antonio, our second lesson and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and he was really interested. So he said he would study it and pray about it!!!! That is probably the most success we’ve had here. 

Wednesday - so we set up a service Project for a lady in our Ward who moved up from Montevideo, so we went there and she wasn't there, but her son said she would be coming soon, 1 hour later she arrived then we cut her lawn in her backyard. haha we used a weed whacker because no one flattens their yards here. And my comp kept hitting up tons of dirt, haha it looked pretty awful where he did it. Luckily my landscaping experience came in handy. I also made some pretty bad marks though because the ground was all bumpy. Then she made us burgers and we didn't realize what time it was, so it was 6:28 and we had english at 6:30 in La Paloma and we were 3-4 km away. So I booked it there on the bike, left my comp behind a bit, and I got there right when he was about to leave! 

Thursday - haha so all of our investigator lessons fell through but we taught some less actives. And we tried to go to Jorge, the old investigator with a baptismal date, but we mixed up the house and started teaching a crazy guy who would never let us talk, and when we would say something he would give us some extremely long complicated answer to show how "smart" he was in theology or something like that. He believed in an energy not a god. We left his house and found Jorge, but he was busy.

Friday - so we started handing out the little Light Up The World cards, we have 500 to give out before Christmas, and we have to do a contact out of every one, ask where they live stuff like that. Most people reject us but we did 25 contacts. Then we hosted (and planned) a branch activity, (I forgot to takes pics) but only 4 people came, so we played a game to get to know us, then charades, then we watched some Mormon messages on the tv. Then the branch presidnet showed up just in time to eat. (hot dogs chips and pop, but no junk food though !! ) * that is a family joke we have had for a long time :) 

Saturday - Probably the worst day, so we found what seemed to be a person who was actually interested, we went by today in the morning, she wasn't there, went by Jorge.. wasn't there, another person we contacted, wasn't there. So then we tried contacting, almost everyone rejected us, or just took a card and left without saying anything else. Then our lunch fell through, basically that was the whole day, then on top of that... it started raining!!! probably the worst day ever. But in the night a peruvian that we are friends with (cuz my comps peruvian) saved us, he made us chicken fried rice with papas a la huanacaina, basically potatoes with a good cream.

Sunday - so we had district conference in Rocha, (because Rocha isn’t big enough to be a stake) then we tried to go by a couple people but while we were contacting, we found a Peruvian who had been taught by the missionaries in Peru, so we invited her to church next week and she said: “yea I will do everything I can do to come”, because she takes care of an elderly person I think, but on Sunday she doesn’t work (I believe). Then Dennis had us over for dinner and made about 7 pizzas for us and his family, then they bought us ice cream! It’s was awesome, and haha his daughter, who’s not bad looking didn’t know we don’t give the beso (cheek kiss) and I went to give her a handshake and she pulled me in with it and gave me the beso, used my strategies against me!

Monday - so we went to Punta del este and we wanted to get torugones (a massive Burger) but we couldn't find them, but we saw the fingers! pretty cool. Then we bowled, haha it’s been so long since I’ve bowled, I was pretty rusty but I started cooking with some peanut oil at the end!

Well this week was a tough one, a lot of rejection from basically everyone, but 2 good things came out of it, first one was Antonio, it was amazing to see that in him, I didn’t think he was going to be anything, he just invited us over because he used to go out and preach for his church. Then just everything was falling through and right when I was about to give up for the day, we found the Peruvian lady, just goes to show that when bad times happens it’s a trial of our faith and diligence, and if we work to find the good things out of the bad, something good will always happen. You just gotta look. 

Elder Grigor

"Haha, some dudes running away from us, they turned once they saw us" 

breaking an old TV they found 

Elder Grigor and his companion in Punta Del Este 

Los Dedos - "the fingers" 

Such a beautiful place! 

More companion selfie's

About to eat FOUR burgers. This boy loves his food 

YUM! lots of good food. 

"Frozen was playing while we were eating, I haven't seen those images in sooooooooo long!"

P-day fun-Bowling! 

"I don't know how I won, I played awful!"

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