Friday, December 16, 2016

The miracle happened!!!!!

December 6th, 2016 

Tuesday - I had an intercambio with Elder Vicente, it was good, we taught Antonio. We did a contact on someone who lived in the area of Elder Vicente, so I asked where they lived and they said near some place, Vicente only said: oh yea I know where that is, and nothing else, so I contacted them and set up an appointment for Vicente while he just stood there, I thought it was kinda funny

Wednesday - so we went to the beach and found Dennis fishing again, and I invited him to a lesson and he said yes! so we went to his house instead of english class and we talked a little about english but we taught him the restoration, so now we’re gonna teach him and try to get his family in the lessons too.

Thursday - Oh haha in the morning we did service at the beach cleaning it, and found  dead seal, also 2 girls (fairly good looking) came down in front of us and just kinda stood there, putting sunscreen on each other in front of us, then we moved to a different spot and they left right after that. haha only there to tempt! Then we went to Barrio Parque to try and find Jorge, the old guy with a baptismal date but he wasn't there, then next door there is a less active but she wasn't home either. So we just did a ton of contacts all day, went to the beach to skip rocks for a bit, then at night there was a big traffic jam in the plaza!!!! Muahahahaha, so we started contacting all the people in their cars haha it was pretty fun, then we went to Rocha because tomorrow is a multi-zone conference in Maldonado so we slept there, (I only brought 1 pair of clothes, forgot deodorant and my towel to shower, BUT I brought my toothbrush!)

Friday - went to Rocha at 8ish and had a really good conference about how we are the keys that open the door of salvation for people. They are searching and may not know that we are the key, but some people will recognize it, maybe they need to study it for a while but they'll recognize it, all we have to do is bring the key to them. Then we talked about teaching about the Holy Ghost and how he manifests himself. It was really good, and at lunch we ate Tortugones!!!!! (massive hamburgers basically a 5 pound hamburger) then on the way back my comp told me were would have an intercambio today because he forgot so I stayed in Rocha another night wooo!!!! Here’s to no showering or using deodorant for 2 days!!!!! yaayyy!!! but it was good I was with Elder Vera, he’s new but we had a pretty good day.

Saturday - the miracle happened!!! It was a normal day, contacting all day because we don’t have anything to do, and at like 8:20ish we were walking to the house to go to the dueña (landlord) to teach her, and we did about 110 contacts this week, We walked passed a dude who said: hey are you guys witnesses?? so we explained we weren't (and he’s from Brazil, just moved here, so I couldn’t understand too much, but my comp a little) and he asked for a Spanish bible, then we went home grabbed it and brought it too him (he lives around the corner). Then he invited us in and we met his girlfriend who’s due in 10 days (prego) and they asked where the kingdom room was, we told them we didn't know but invited them to church and they said sure!

Sunday - so we passed by their house to pick them up and showed up late to church because his wife can’t walk too fast, and we thought the night before to change the class from lessons of the Book of Mormon to the Restoration. So we basically had a lesson with member in the church teaching them and having the members testify, then it was fast and testimony meeting and someone bore their testimony about Joseph smith and how he died for the church. After they asked us to come over later that day to know more about Joseph smith. So we went over and watched Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration, then taught the plan of salvation, and challenged them to baptism and they said YES!!! We said they are some requisites for baptism, and they said ok what are they so we can get baptized!!! So first they need to get married which they were planning on doing, and that can happen quick, then he smokes a little but he said he can stop! Woooo finally! But the funnny thing was, we did so many contacts the whole week, to everyone, then the person we don't talk to, talks to us and wants to get baptized! so they have a date for the 24th, a nice little Christmas present right there!!

Monday - umm basically nothing happened today, just a normal day, then we got the callll. I’m........Staying! with the same comp! which is good because we are getting along really well now.

Tuesday - bought some pizza and came to ciber

So I had a good week, had a nice little miracle there, didn't shower for 2 days, and also the water in our house has like no pressure, it just dribbles out of the shower head, because their doing work on the both roads beside our house, and the water from the faucet is super dirty too. But other than that it’s all good, but it’s getting pretty hot. 

Elder Grigor

I bought a Christmas tree and found this leaf on the road

I made a KFC double down with Milanesas, an egg and rice 

All the missionaries in my zone 

I won a free bag of chips from a boat of chips that I bought
 (there is a thing kind of like Monopoly from McDonalds, but with Lay's chips) 

My knee, it's been bugging me from the bike because the pedal is broken.

A cool bridge that was covered with water before but the water went down a lot 

Elder Grigor in La Paloma 

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