Monday, December 26, 2016

Nina was baptized!! and I got to Skype for Christmas !!!

Monday - we went to Spetus while we were in Chuy, a little expensive but totally worth it, the only bad thing is that I couldn’t eat more, and they brought it so fast. I could never finish my plate because they brought a new meat every 30 seconds. Then we just did some Christmas shopping. Then we stayed in Rocha because the Christmas conference for half the mission is tomorrow.

Tuesday -  we left at about 5ish to go to Montevideo, then we had the conference. It was really good, we talked a lot about the saviour and what he has done for us, and how he was the greatest gift that God could give and that we could receive. Then we left at 4ish, and I got a little surprise from Jake! haha He made a homemade planner for me, it’s hilarious, my whole zone was dying laughing from it. So we got to Rocha at about 8:30 and the only other bus was at 10 so we got home around 11 and were dead tired so we went right to bed.

Wednesday - in the morning we went to watch Nina and Michael get married!!!!! It was cool to be a part of, kinda felt like I was a part of Ty’s wedding, just in a tiny Uruguayan court room. Then we taught Antonio, who we challenged to baptism but he turned us down sadly, but now we know! So we might keep working with him,  we might not, he just doesn’t ever want to read or pray. 

Thursday - haha so today we were walking to an investigators house and we walked past a future, and I knocked on his door. So we talked and started to teach him, so I asked if we could start with a prayer, and he didn't want to pray outside so we went inside, and his grandma was sitting there. So we taught them both and got 2 new investigators, haha we got a 2 for 1, went for 1 and left with 2!!!! Then we went to a less active, and went home!

Friday - I had an intercambio with Elder Paulson, he’s got like 6 months. He is a pretty good missionary for his time, but we had a good day. We just walked aloooottt! We had to get the keys to the baptismal font to get clothes for Nina and Michael. So we walked about 40 minutes to the other side of town to get the keys, then 20 mins back to the church, so we were figuring everything out, and realized the pump to suck the water out of the font doesn't work, so we tried to figure that out but didn’t, found clothes and went home

Saturday - so I stayed in Rocha and we went to the font to check everything out. So I went inside the font and cleaned it all out while everyone was watching me. I cleaned it all with a rag then filled it up for the baptism. Then my comp came with Nina and Michael, and they had their interviews. Sadly Michael cant be baptized this week because he’s still smoking. So we put a goal for next week. But I think it’s better for him so he understands really how important it is to stop smoking and follow Christ. But Nina got baptized, first baptism in 1 and a half years here in La Paloma!!!!!! Haha it was a weird baptism because normally there’s members, but it was just 8 missionaries and them, but it was still a great moment. Then we went over to Juan Torres house for Christmas Eve. We stayed there til 12 playing cards and eating a roast! We watched the lamest fireworks show, they lasted about 9 minutes and you have to wait for the sounds of it shoot then try to find where it is, because they shoot up randomly all over the place.

Sunday - CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! Wooohooo I opened up some of my gifts! So in sacrament I confirmed Nina, blessed the sacrament by myself then gave an improvised talk about christmas that I found out about at the last minute, but I love them. The best thing was Skyping the family, even though it was on a crappy small laptop. The only thing was it didn’t really feel like christmas for me. I don’t know, everything  just kinda felt fake, like I was just watching a movie. But yea thats really all that happened today, other than that I got pretty sick in the night and ran to the bathroom like 4 times in the night. 

So yea this week was really good, we got to see Nina get baptized, even though Michael didn't get baptized this week because he's still smoking. I think this is what’s best for him to fully understand what he’s doing. Also we did a decent amount of walking, my legs will be a little sore from that, and we got to Skype our families!!!!!!! That was the best part of the week, seeing all of them together having fun, I got pretty homesick afterwards but all in all it was really good!


Elder Grigor

So much meat !!! 

Elder Grigor with his Mission President and his family 

Micheal and Nina's wedding day 

The wedding 

Elder Grigor with Nina and Micheal 

Elder Grigor with Nina at her baptism. Such a great day! 

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