Friday, December 16, 2016

Please say a few prayers for Michael

December 12th, 2016,

Wednesday - so we were checking what Nina and Michael needed to get married at the court, and asked what are the requirements for marriage (as soon as I said that I realized) then the guy asked: for you guys??? hahah Noooooo, for our friends 1 guy and 1 girl, we made ourselves very clear! They needed to buy some things in Rocha then bring them to the court with 4 people. Then we went and taught Nina and Michael (the miracle couple) about the spirit, we read Galatians 5: 22,23 and they said yea we feel all these things! Then we told them of the things they needed for marriage and we planned we would go to Rocha tomorrow. Oh also the president and his wife got new jobs so now we have exactly 0 lunches per week, but they’re going to give us dinner, but I would rather have lunch because it keeps us going for the whole day. 

Thursday - so we went to Rocha with Nina and Michael (we paid for the tickets) then bought the timbre- basically postage stamps looking things. 500 pesos and we realized that me and Zacarias could have come alone. Then I tried to find a tailor to fix my suit. and we walked about 28 blocks there and back and she wasn't home!!! Woohoo!! SO then we went back with Nina because Michael was grabbing something somewhere and..... he didn't show up at the bus stop! haha so we left him cuz we already bought the tickets, reminded me of mom in china! Then we did all the things for their marriage and they’re getting married the 21st, and should be getting baptized the 23rd. 

Friday - umm we taught Nina and Michael again, just a normal lesson, then here in La Paloma a huge festival things called Fiesta del Mar, or sea party in English basically, and there’s been some windsurfing competitions. In the night they set up a huge concert and little fair like thing, like a mini stampede. So no one really wanted to talk to us, but there were a ton of people.

Saturday - it was suuuper hot today, I was sweating bullets when we rode to another part of town called Barrio Parque, which honestly I hate going there because we always get rejected there, always! and hahah we accidentally contacted the same house twice, in the front and the back because we thought they were different homes, then not much else happened.

Sunday - we went church with Nina and Michael, now they're only missing 1 more thing and they can be baptized, the only thing is that Michael smokes and he is super nervous because Nina is going to give birth this week. If you could pray for Michael that he could quit smoking that would help us a lot, he says he’ll quit when the baby comes, but it would still help a lot, so maybe just say a prayer even right now, just so you don't forget! Then I taught Nina and Michael principles of the gospel, and Michael said the funniest prayer to close! We need to teach him better, but he said: Heavenly father thanks for yesterday because I was hungry and then I ate and it was good. haha I almost laughed but I held it together. then the president told us that we would need to be in charge of streaming the Christmas devotional at 6:30, so we taught Nina and Michael again about the word of wisdom to help Michael, then went to the church and started the devotional- only 1 OLD lady came, then she left halfway through because it was getting cold. So we watched it because everyone was at the sea party, then President came back and gave us some cake!

So yea this week was good, we taught Nina and Michael a lot, we could use all of your help with Michael to get him to stop smoking so get saying those prayers! But now we have a date for their marriage, and also I did find a tailor in La Paloma for my suit after walking 28 blocks in Rocha for nothing. So the only thing is because nine is pregnant she could miss the next Sunday but I think President will allow it, but we just need help with Michael, also it is getting sooooo hot here! I’m sweating so much in the house, when I’m cooking, when I’m showering, it’s bad. I actually miss the cold, not crazy cold just a little cold.


Elder Grigor

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