Monday, December 26, 2016

Nina had her baby!!!

Monday December 19th, 2016 

Tuesday - well in the morning at like 5:30 Michael came knocking at our door asking for money, to buy food (2nd time) and at first I was mad (cuz we don’t have that much money), but then I realized I was being pretty prideful, because they don’t have money until next Tuesday and she’s pregnant, so I had some money that I saved up for my emergency fund from this change and used it to buy them some food, I’ll send some pics it only cost about 500 pesos (15 dollars) so we wanted to make it a surprise that is wasn't us, so we bought everything and started walking to their house and we saw Michael getting onto his bike, so we hid around a warehouse and he started coming towards us, so we ditched the food in the warehouse and talked to him, then when he left we booked it to his house and placed the food but he came around the corner and saw us! haha nooooo!!!!! but oh well, then we took pics, then we did some service cleaning up the beach.

Wednesday - NINA HAD HER BABY!!!! haha everything went good, a bouncing baby boy (I don’t know why I used that phrase but ok). umm not much else happened, walked a lot, oh we taught our dueña (landlord) and she said that she stopped going to church because the presidents wife (the music conductor) always stood in the middle of the church, and one day she only stood on the left side and "forgot" about the people on the right, so we helped her with that.

Thursday - absolutely nothing happened today, just walked around all day, did a couple contacts here and there, we did meet a guy from the states who said someone from Edmonton would be coming down in 2 weeks, so looks like I’ll be talking to them real soon, maybe see if they know you guys!

Friday - had zone conference in the morning, finally got a new planner, I’ve been planing my weeks and days on the tiny little part in the back (for anyone who knows the planners know you know what I’m talking about. But it was good, then afterwards we went to visit Nina and Michael in the hospital, we went there and actually started teaching them a lesson in the hospital, and gave them blessings. It reminded me of when Ashley had her baby, just in a dirty Uruguayan hospital. Then we had a branch christmas activity, (which we did everything for, called all the members, cleaned and set up the church. Then president bought the food. But it was good, about 20 or more came, and a less active family. 

Saturday - so Michael wanted to surprise Nina today with rings for the wedding, (but he didn’t have money so he asked for some 180 each rings (pesos)) so we went looking with him but we couldn't find anything, then we had a noche de hogar with the Torres family, so we went there at 7:30 and Hermano Torres wasn’t there, so we waited outside his house for an hour talking with his mom, and I sat in sap!!!!!!!  I didn’t really realize and while we were waiting we started fencing with sticks, then we had a stick pulling contest like in Joseph Smith’s time, (I won about 50 times), but I sat in the dirt so that mixed with the sap looked like I crapped my pants. So by the time Hermano Torres got there (his motorbike broke down) we had to leave. So we left and went to a store, (with my pants looking like I pooped myself) and people were all looking at me weird. I thought, well I know they looked weird at missionaries here but not like this... then I remembered. 

Sunday - went to church with Nina and Michael, haha they came! 3 days after having a baby! About 20 people came, so then we had a lesson with them afterwards, so we watched Between Heaven and Earth, a movie about temples, and we talked about that, and almost at the end a massive storm came through like mini hurricane! Sand a mini river came through their house(and I didn’t bring a canoe) haha so we found the problem, it was under the sink, and I opened the cupboard and I opened the flood gates, haha a crap ton of water came pouring out and soaked me, so then we cleaned up all the water for the next hour and let the storm settle a little, and Michael fixed the sink. So then we finished the lesson there. haha but it was an interesting lesson, haha one of the funniest I think. 

Monday - woke up at 5:00 to go to Chuy, and it’s still raining here, so I’ll just be in stores all day, looking for christmas things to buy!

Yea all in all it was a good week, a lot of walking, had a lot of lessons with Nina and Michael getting them ready for baptism. Haha we taught them in the hospital and when a mini river started in their house from the huge storm we had. We are hoping everything goes good with the baptism, it’s gonna be this Saturday, so far everything with Nina is good but Michael is still smoking, so we need your help to pray for him!!!!!

Love Elder Grigor

The massive pen that attacked my pen!!!!!! in the shower. 

Delivering food for Micheal and Nina 

Nina and Michael 

Doing service down at the beach

Cleaning up the beach 

Some sweet goggles I found 

Selfies at the beach 

We cleaned up a lot of garbage at the beach 

Our little branch in La Paloma 

Elder Grigor with his branch in La Paloma 

Cleaning up at Nina and Micheal's 

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