Wednesday, September 28, 2016

All we can do is to just keep going strong

September 19th, 2016

Tuesday - ok today was our real p-day, so we went to 33 and played volleyball with all the other missionaries, then played soccer a bit too. Then an elder who’s leaving asked me and andersen to go and buy him some random things from Uruguay because he is going home tomorrow. So we just went around looking for random things to buy. Also I got a bunch of random things from Paskett too, because he’s leaving, then that night we had 6 missionaries in the plaza house again.

Wednesday - Transfers; so my comp and the other 2 missionaries from the area plaza left, so it was me and 2 others left in the house. We couldn’t find where the keys were, and thought the other missionaries that were coming to that house, (because they white washed plaza). But they didn’t show up until 10:30 at night, so we just chilled in the house waiting for them basically all day. Then we picked up our companions. My comp didn’t want to travel more up to Vergara from 33, so we stayed another night in the plaza house, this time with 7 missionaries.... and only 5 mattresses, it was nice to finally go home.

Thursday - HAHA ok so we left to go to the pharmacy quick which was right around the corner from the house, and when we came back there was a car parked outside. So my comp didn’t notice that there was a person in it, with the window rolled down, and he turned and farted right in the dudes face, then I told him what he just did, and we died laughing when we got inside. Then we finally got home, and I showered which I hadn’t done for 3 days, then we went out with president silva visiting less actives, (because that’s all we do here) and my comp got to know some of them. Oh also we had a nice big lunch with Morena like always! Yea not much else happened.

Friday - just another normal day, my comp is super funny. I didn’t think that I would like my latino comps more than my american comps, but I do. I don’t know why but I just have more fun and don’t get as annoyed, and we work harder too. But yea just a normal day, but I bought a cake and some alfajores for my comp because it’s his birthday on Saturday

Saturday- my comps bday, haha I surprised him with the cake and he thought that I left alone and bought it, I was glad he didn’t see it last night because I thought he did for sure. But then we had a zone meeting, and a ton of new things are changing in the mission, like verifying, we don’t verify every night now, only Sunday night, and we do weekly planning on Sunday night too. So we don’t get the night off basically anymore. But yea then we went to some members and had little parties, it was good.

Sunday - we were at the church all day like always.We did some contacts in the morning. haha we asked one guy if he talked to the missionaries before and he interrupted us saying yes yes, yes, yes, so I asked to clarify “so you’ve talked with the missionaries before, and he stopped, then said “look I’m watching tv right now”, and left. Haha then another lady who told us we can come back and visit, saw us and ran inside, and had her little kid stand in the door with a broomstick saying we couldn’t enter and that she wasn’t home. Haha people do the weirdest things here just for no reason. I don’t get it, but oh well all we can do is just keep going strong!

This week was good and fast, basically had 3 days of p-day at the start of the week. My new comp is awesome, haha we joke around so much, it’s sweet

Elder Grigor

My new set up 

My new companion 


My companions birthday cake 


Lunch with Morena 

Elder Grigor and his new companion 

Just chilling in Uruguay 

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