Saturday, September 10, 2016

I found my camera on the bus

Monday August 8th, 2016 

Wednesday - we had changes, so I went to Tres Cruces at 10, and the driver looked familiar so I asked, “hey didn’t you drive last time and if so did you see a camera..... (The zone leaders told me that they asked him before and he said no) and he said yep... here you go and gave me my camera back. I really wish I would’ve waited to buy the other camera, but my friend here wants to buy it so I think I’ll sell it to him. Then we were in Tres Cruces (mall/bus place) until 2:30 so I just walked around talking with Neilsen until I left. Then I had a 5 hour bus ride to 33, I met Andersen, ate a burger, then took another hour bus to Vergara. Yea, it’s a tiny little city with fields all around it.

Thursday - getting to know Vergara a little better. We went around to contact some doors, either the people here hide from us or just walked past to look at us without opening their door to talk to us. So I’m guessing the church has been pretty well known here, and most of the people don’t want to talk to missionaries anymore.

Friday - a less active called us on the phone and she sounded really weird on the phone and really rushed. So we went over and she was sick in bed. We talked about a blessing for the sick because she didn't know what it was, then we gave her a blessing, then asked if there was anything we can do, like service wise. She said yea, you can buy me some fruit and water. So we called the branch president and he gave us money. We went and bought the food then took it back to her, and that was about half our day.

Saturday - met a less active named Yamila, and talked with her about how the Lord wants us to act on our own faith, it was really good. Then we had nothing to do at night, and in the Pueblitos here, everyone goes home at 8, everything closes down, and most people don’t answer their doors for anyone. So we went to a member who’s about 80 and played uno with her, she’s super funny, kind of reminds me of Ashley, just older, because she’s always joking around and making fun of us.

Sunday - big old 13 people including us and the 2 little kids came to church, but Yamila came!!, and I called Solano and asked about Aeroparque because we worked hard with the less actives and members the past week and 93 people came to church, instead of the usual 60!! But today was good, I bore my testimony and basically gave a talk because I spoke for 15 minutes trying to take up some time. Then we had correlation and I had an idea that we should have a class with the members to teach them how to bring back less actives. So we will be doing that sometime soon, because Vergara used to be a ward, but now only 13 come, so hopefully I can change that.

Monday - went to the forest, l lost my plaque when I was on the bridge, so I need to get another one of those, I’ve lost 3 now, 2 in the storms and 1 here now. 

But yea that’s it, I’m having fun, and time is going by so quick now, this week felt like 2 days. 

love you all 

Elder Grigor

I froze Elder Child's money :) 

Found my old camera on the bus! 

This is how we "milk alfajores" 

My new place 

Our Kitchen 

Where we study 

Elder Grigor wearing his hat from Canada 

Just chilling in Uruguay 

Leaving my mark on the train bridge 

My new companion Elder Anderson 

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