Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We ate our beavertails in sadness :(

Tuesday - so we planned a noche de hogar with Alvaro for today, he even put it in his phone to remind him any everything. So we bought like 400 pesos worth of stuff for beavertails to make. We went to his house at like 6 and when we got there about 10 seconds later music turned on, and we were clapping and no one came out, so we would wait in between songs to clap so he could hear us cuz the music was loud, it didn’t happen. Oh also it was raining and haha one time the music stopped unexpectedly and I threw my umbrella to the side to get a loud clap, and it landed in some dog poop in the grass, and no one came, so we went back home and ate our beavertails in our sadness.

Wednesday - had a district meeting today and since Elder Pasket (district leader) is leaving so we slept for 30 minutes haha, but today was good. My shoes are starting to get holes in them, and my insoles have huge holes in them. I need new ones, they are starting to make holes in my socks, a couple have holes but I just flipped them upside down and wear them like that. We helped clean the old house of some elders because they moved. We didn't do anything today, we just chilled and talked until our bus came, then had a noche de hogar with a super old lady in our branch. She barely hears us when we talk so she just always says yea to most of our questions or really anything we say.

Thursday - well it’s been raiging and been pretty cold here this week. Today we were walking with our umbrellas straight in front of us because there’s so much wind here, and nothing stops the wind here, it’s just flat open fields all around so you just get destroyed. But we mostly just walked around trying to find people to talk to. There aren’t that many people in the streets especially when it rains, and even if there is someone they don’t want to talk to you.

Friday - we got rejected by everyone, pretty sure it cleared up that day though, so it was pretty sunny, but we had nothing, just walked around talking to a lot to people. 

Saturday - ok haha so we found an old investigator, he’s 81, and every time he starts a sentence he says, “alright so I’m 81.. and I went to the market the other day!” haha and just says random things behind that. Also it finally happened (not to me), but my comp couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time, haha he was running to the bathroom, didn’t see toilet paper, came back and grabbed his planner, then it was too late... haha, but it was just a usual day

Sunday -  we stayed in this morning to make a big breakfast, then went out at lunch, but we were in the church all day as usual, attending church, then correlation and waiting for everyone to leave.

Monday - best transfer Monday ever (the Monday we don’t have p-day) so we all went to 33 at the bishops house there to have an Asado, and his house is massive. He has a rope swing made and it’s not on a tree its on steel beams, its crazy. He has a trampoline, a poo,l a zipline, it’s insane. We were there from 10-2 and we all went back to the church too  and played soccer to wait for our bus at 4. We left the church at 3:50ish to buy tickets, haha the bus was full. So we went to another company and they told us there was one at 5:40, so we bought those and apparently it was at 440 and my comp had the tickets and we didn’t think to look at the time. Haha we missed that one too, so we finally caught one at 7! My new comp is a latino, Elder Lopez. I found that out tonight, but we missed a bunch of plans since we had to say goodbye to people since we missed out buses last night. But yea it’s been a good week. I can’t believe I almost have 7 months, anyway I don’t have a ton of time to write to day. 


Elder Grigor

Making Beavertails for Alvaro 

Elder Grigor is becoming an expert at making Beavertails 

Waiting in the rain for Alvaro 

Eating our Beavertails in sadness :( 

Sleeping with our district 

Chilling with our district 

"huge cheap burger, didn't taste that good though" 

"yummy snake" 

Messing around at the Bishop's House in 33 

Cooking food 

Waiting for the bus 

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