Monday, May 23, 2016

This week was awesome!!!

So this week was awesome! 

Tuesday was p-day, every last p-day of the change is Tuesday so that the Elders can say bye to people on p-day after they find out they're leaving. So we chilled in Las Piedras with Elders Anderson and Montiel. So we just went looking at some stores and ate ice cream, I ate a half kilo.

Wednesday was changes for everyone and so we got some new people in our zone. We found out that day that we had a multi mission conference on Thursday so we got prepared for that. Our investigators that really wanted to get baptized are in a tough situation. She is still married to another man but left him 17 years ago, and he won’t divorce her just so that she can legally marry the other man. So they can’t get baptized until they either somehow get enough money to hire a lawyer then 6 months later get a divorce, then get married or buy different houses which I don’t think will happen so we might have to drop them.

Thursday we left at 5:00 in the morning to catch a bus there, and I met some of Pierce’s old companions. They are awesome, I was laughing the whole ride there and back. And at the conference we met the new area authorities, and I saw some of the people I was in the MTC with. I also met Elder Nielsen, the one from Calgary Sister Stasiak’s nephew. He is huge, like 6’4, 230 probably. He’s in the West Stake in the ward by the temple I think. 

Friday we both slept past our alarms and woke up at 8, I was really tired and I’m getting a little sick so I liked the extra sleep. Then we got a call at 9:00 wondering if we were close to the zone conference we were having that no one told us about, so we missed that. But we went out and found an old investigators of 10 years, who is in a wheelchair and that’s the main reason we think for him not getting baptized.

Saturday was Pierce’s birthday so I bought him a cake, which is really good but really rich and bought him a matte cup. So then we went to the Enchanted Forest after a sweet lunch at a members house. While we were inside, we were talking to some elders on the phone about how we’re gonna see a werewolf, then a dog out of nowhere comes sprinting after us, so we took off and looked back and he was gone. The other elder’s didn’t believe us. Then we had a party at a less active ladies house hopefully she might start coming to church now, and Lucas the boy there is pretty interested in the church, so something could happen there.

Then Sunday nothing really happened because everyone we tried to go to had company over because it was Mother’s Day, so we explored the old castle thing it was pretty cool. Then we came down to Las Pierdras Sunday night again for p-day. That’s pretty much it.

Love you guys, 

Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor hanging out at the playground on p-day 

They found an enchanted forest 

Lunch at a member's home 

Celebrating Elder Pierce's Birthday 

We found an abandoned castle 

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