Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A miracle happened!!!

Tuesday - so not much happened, we went to Jose Luis and are helping him to remember the lessons that we teach because they forget a lot, so we’ll say: “ok we’re gonna go over this at the start, and we ask ok what’s the restoration about? And they say well the restoration of our souls! then I’ll say well kinda... but it’s more about the restoration of this church, how it was restored. haha but they’re doing really good.

Wednesday - We did some service for Brother Trinidad, who’s this super old dude in the branch, so basically we just pulled weeds in his yard for 2 hours, kinda reminded me of landscaping before the mish. Then we were gonna have a lesson with the lady we found but she left and doesn’t come back until Sunday, but other than that we walked in the streets.. a lot and tried talking with everyone. 

Thursday - so we had an intercambio (exchange I think in english)  with Elder Paulson, and haha basically the only reason I liked that day was because he was there with me. So we were gonna have a lesson with members with Jose Luis, but his car broke down and he couldn’t. So then we just walked and talked about... things... before the mission (women we knew, things we did), (haha a ton of people here call me vrgin lips, or moose 1 - because I’m from Canada and the other….. well its self explanatory.) But yea then we went to familia Rodriguez in the night and they made us some tortas fritas, (scones without sugar or anything) but we both had like 10 each, and we saw a lot of progress with Bro Rodriguez

Friday - so I finally gave my first district meeting, I thought I was gonna go under an hour, but I went a little over the time. Then we had a zone lunch with the Wankiers (the seƱor couple) and we made tinfoil lunches and some other food, and it was super good. Then the rest of the day was a normal La Paloma day, absolutely nothing, haha we talked with the people and sometimes they invite us back over, then their spouse comes out and says no no no we don't want anything. 

Saturday - today was pretty good, we taught Jose Luis about tithing, and he asked how much is it, we said well 10% and he said ok so like 200 pesos?? well yea if you made 2000 yea 200 pesos, but if you made 4000 its 400. So we tried to drill that into him, then we went to Barrio Parque (another little area of ours) which I hate there because every time we go there something bad happens, and we haven't had any success out there in my 3 changes. So we tried to go out but again nothing happened, so we left.

Sunday - THEY CAME!!! Jose and Santa Lucia came to church, participated in the class and everything, and he payed tithing!!! haha I’ve never heard of an investigator who paid tithing before his baptism. But they did!! Then we had interviews with the president, talked about the area, he didn't say anything if ill be leaving or anything, so maybe I’ll be staying.... that’ll be interesting.

Monday - well we just messed around in the morning, cleaned up and we’re gonna have a noche de hogar with familia Torres tonight, we challenged them to read the Book of Mormon by topic, and they would have to buy the food if they didn’t, and if they did we would buy it, I think they may have skipped some verses but looks like I’m buying the food..

haha so yea the week itself was pretty hard, contacting a lot of people who don't want anything, then the people who do- live somewhere else, but at least were helping those people receive the gospel!! But then Jose Luis, our investigator was the miracle coming to church and paying tithing!!! So he has a baptismal date for the 25th, so 1 more Sunday and him and his mother will be baptized. Then his brother and his wife are investigators so that’ll help them a lot too. 

Love you have a good week!!

Elder Grigor

"Spetus- a brazilian BBQ!"

Gangster Grigor :) 

Elder Grigor doing service 

Glad he's working hard! 

"The sun was really strong" 

church "bells" 

Elder Grigor and his companion 

"me and rocky cooking meat for the zone lunch" 

"A fridge full of guarana! "

"My Mate CUP!!" 

I got my package !!!! 


"all my planners from year 1" 

" I went full gaucho (cowboy) " 

"eating some squash- (I actually liked it)" 

Elder Grigor's squash lunch. It was the first time he tried it. We are still kind of amazed he ate it. 

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