Monday, February 20, 2017

I've been out 1 year!!!

Monday - so we had a sweet little noche de hogar with familia Torres, they didn't come to church this week still, but it was super good, we talked about faith and repentance, and all shared our favourite scriptures. 

Tuesday - WOOOOOOO we went to Jose Luis and Santa Lucia, and when we walked in he gave us 2 glasses of pop, and said here you go! you know just in case! I don’t want you guys to get offended and then you never come back! haha me and my comp looked at each other like... I thought this only happened in Liahonas!! So then we taught him about chastity, super cool lesson and then he started to tell us that he was curious about Joseph Smith- so he looked up about his story and he explained a bunch of stuff about him, haha I was soo surprised by that because before he didn't really understand a lot, and now they both understand soo much

Wednesday - so I had a swwwwweeeeeetttt intercambio with Elder Bailey, my zone leader. We knew each other before in Este a little and last change, so we’re homies now. We just had a really good day then we found a sweet little metal light house, so we climbed up at about 8 and it was dark and we could see all the light along the coast, it was sooo pretty. Then we had some sweet pizza with mussels on from Hermano Vicente! 

Thursday - had another dope lesson with Jose Luis and Santa Lucia! Then we had a ward activity at the church, so each Thursday we will have one of these, and we just ate pizza and talked about family history. Jose Luis and his mom got super excited about that. The only thing is they don’t have many records of their ancestors, also I helped Hermano Vicente find his grandma because he got baptized 5 months ago, and he was super excited too. 

Friday - well we had a decent day today, haha so we have an investigator that we found a little while ago named Artudo, haha we call him r2d2. We haven’t been able to find him home for a while. But I had my first baptismal interview as a district leader, it was with a mother and her 2 kids, so she’s been investigating the church for 4 years and she’s finally ready, and her kids are awesome too. The only thing is the interview goes by soo fast, I did each one for like 30 mins, but it was a really cool and spiritual experience. Then well ITS MY ONE YEAR MARK TODAY!!!!! so I actually did burn a shirt out in the Rocha house, and we all milked alfajores that night!!!

Saturday - so we stayed in Rocha for the baptism and I did divisions with Elder Lockhart! We knew each other before up in 33 and he’s here but in the other district.Then we stayed for the baptism, and haha it was pretty hectic, a dog ran into the building at one point, so I took it outside, and then her baby kept crying, and basically only missionaries came, so I took him into the hall and played with him so the investigators could feel the spirit a little more. 

Sunday - well.... Jose Luis and Santa Lucia didn't come today, he wasn't feeling very good and he got home late, but they said they're coming next week, which I'm super glad, but I’ll be gone 3 days before they will get baptized now, a little sad, I really wanted to see this baptism, but at least they will be getting baptized, and I helped them along the way! 

So it was a pretty good week, this area is having a lot of success out here now, we have about 5 charlas a week, and 6 with less actives, (charlas means lessons). The only things was that Jose Luis and Santa Lucia didn't come. Other than that I know have 1 year in the mission!!!! but it still doesn’t feel like it, I still feel like I’m really young in the mission, I just know how to speak and teach. But I basically only have 11 months left which is really weird for me, I feel like I need more time, I guess that’s why everyone says “don’t waste your time because it flies by!” Its true!!! Also iI have a new favourite scripture, it’s 1 Nephi 21: 14-16

Well, love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Grigor

La Paloma 

Intercambio (exchanges) with Elder Bailey 

These are the pictures that give this missionary mom slight heart palpitations!!!  

Elder Grigor - 1 year older than the last time we saw him. He looks so happy!!! 

It's a tradition to burn a shirt when a missionary has been out for 1 year or their halfway mark. 

A gorgeous day in La Paloma on Elder Grigor's p-day 

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