Sunday, March 19, 2017

I am going to miss La Paloma

February 28th, 2017 

Soo I forgot my planner so I don’t really remember what happened every day. 

Tuesday - I’m pretty sure not too much happened this day, well really not much happened this week, but we had a few normal charlas (lessons). I gave my last district meeting here in Rocha, but I’m pretty sure we found a guy in the skate park today or Wednesday, haha but we taught him on top of a ramp, he’s pretty cool and only has 1 hand. 

Wednesday - well I’m not really sure what we did today, talked with a lot of people, taught some lessons, did some missionary stuff. you know the ushh. 

Thursday - yea no idea what we did today either, just normal missionary things

Friday - so I had a intercambio with the zone leaders (Elder Vallecillos) and did another baptismal interview for  a 17 year old girl whose been studying the church for a year and her dad finally gave her permission to get baptized, but she is so ready to be baptized. haha she was really excited and nervous during the interview, and I asked the first 2 questions then on the third she said, ¨am I allowed to explain why after the questions¨ haha I said yea for sure! that would actually be better but it was really cool. Then me and Vallecillos went around contacting, oh and a grido opened up in rocha so we went to family grido with the Elders in Rocha in the night!

Saturday - we stayed in Rocha for a bit because we missed our bus (or our bus missed us, it just drove right past us, but then we went home and I mostly was just saying goodbye to investigators and less actives. Also the Vicentes invited us over for a huge asado! It was super good

Sunday - Well Jose Luis and Santa Lucia came!! So they'll get baptized this Saturday which awesome. I also gave my goodbye talk, maybe dropped a little cane on the ward but thats alright! then I was just saying goodbye to everyone

Monday - the same as Sunday basically, just said goodbye to all the peoples here in La Paloma!

But this week was pretty normal, we taught Jose Luis and Santa Lucia, so we’re getting them ready for their baptism this Saturday. It’s a shame that I wont be able to see it, but they are suuper awesome! I love going by and teaching them. Also now that I’m going to Durazno, I’ll be leaving here. I’m gonna  miss it after 4 months of being here, but it'll be nice to go to a city for once! well that about it, short this week

Love you guys 

Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor always wanted a puppy! 

Just being cheesy!!! 

Wearing some hair thingy! 

Cool spray paint 

Imitating art! 

Always doing crazy things 

Elder Grigor playing around on p-day 

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