Sunday, March 19, 2017

This area is golden!

March 14th, 2017 

Tuesday - not too much happened today, taught a couple lessons and some drunk guy yelled at us that we discriminate because we didn't talk with him but we talked with everyone else on the street. So we taught him a tiny lesson and left because he was getting really weird

Wednesday - so I went to Montevideo again, for a district leader meeting, so another 3 hours in a tiny bus where somehow everyone who sits in front of me always puts their seats alllll the way back and destroys my legs. So 1 day of 7 uncomfortable hours in a bus, but it was a really good meeting. I had already been to one just as junior comp but this time it was for me!

Thursday - so we went to the court to see when the nearest date for marriage is for some investigators, and they said May 5 so that was a little bummer. But we had a charla with them and we’re going there in 1 week to pull out the date for marriage. Then we had another lesson with Camila, getting her ready for her baptism next Saturday, and we had a really good lunch with Esteban. Also we walked back to Durazno from Santa Bernadina (where Esteban lives) across these super sketchy train tracks that were missing some crossbeams, at some points 2 in a row, I almost died like 20 times.

Friday - we had zone conference in the morning and talked about faith and repentance, it was really good, it was about how we need to teach it to the people so they do it. Then we had a couple lessons, and me and my comp quoted Nacho Libre and Napolean Dynamite in the streets all day, (also I was super tired this week from all the traveling) 7 hours on Monday and Wednesday, then next Tuesday we are going again to the Temple. Then in the night we had a really good lesson with Gabriela, and we can see that she feels something different because she cries every time we teach, but she doesn’t want to change yet because she feels like she’s betraying her mother who died catholic, so she said she wouldn't come to church for that until she was sure.

Saturday - we had a charla in the chapel with Camila, and she brought her cousin too. so we taught them both the commandments, and her cousin understood it really well. then after she asked what she need to do to be a missionary (I think for the traveling) but unfortunately she lives outside of our area. But then we had a charla with Amalia, she’s a new investigator that had been taught before by the missionaries. She had another sweet lesson and put a baptismal date for April 8th, and she said she would come to church, but I think she got a little scared and texted us to back out last second.

Sunday - so today was a lot of contacting trying to find more people to teach, even though we have a ton right now, like 11 and we keep finding a decent amount, but we find and drop. But we have about 6 good investigators that could progress fairly quickly. We had another lesson with Camila about the word of wisdom, haha we also walked a lot again, got Camila, brought her to church, then the same thing for choir. (also we had a good week taught about 13 lessons and 6 less actives.)

Monday - So today wasn't p-day because we are going to the temple tomorrow, so we had a normal day, also I had the best burger I’ve ever eaten in Uruguay here for like 80 pesos. Then we taught Camila, we brought her with us to go teach Daniela, the sister of a recent convert and she ended up teaching their older sister Mariana and her 2 friends. So we watched the Joseph Smith movie and 1 seemed pretty interested, so we’ll go back for details later.

Yea, so far I’m loving this area! We have lunch everyday! There are so many people that are ready to be baptized. We have 1 this Saturday and another on April 8th and 2 more for May 6th. This area is golden, and I get to eat!!!!!!!!!!! plus it’s super pretty out here, and the house is super fun, 


Elder Grigor

The view from the top of a building 

Walking along the sketchy bridge 


time to find a new way home 

our room 

Knocking on doors 

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