Monday, March 27, 2017

Camilla was baptized !!!

March 20th, 2017 

Tuesday - well we went to the temple, and it was awesome!!! I love going to the temple, then we had a nice 3 hours bus ride back and got home at like 8ish

Wednesday - we had a zone breakfast in the morning/district meeting in the morning, so I made some pancakes and maple syrup (cuz I’m Canadian!!) but I had to make them in the morning at the house because the church has no gas. But they were still decent, we also had bacon! but we had to cook it in the microwave, that’s one thing I miss, bacon.... Then we had a huge lunch with a sweet family in the ward, and I was dying because I ate like 7 pancakes 2 hours earlier. Then we had some good lessons, taught Camila the last lesson before her baptism, and a less active who is thinking about coming back.

Thursday - I went with Elder Oroche, he’s a Peruvian, the zone leader, so I had an intercambio with him today while his comp did the baptismal interview. But we had a really good day, taught like 5 lessons, found a couple new people to teach, then we were teaching a cool young family, (Evangelicos- I don’t know what that is in english.  We taught them at night and called a taxi to get us but we were far out and got home like 9:40 cuz the taxi got lost, but it was fine because we got to know the family a little more after the lessons.

Friday - well not much happened today, we were mostly just contacting all day, oh haha and an investigator gave us a taste of our own medicine. We forgot we had her for Wednesday in the morning (but we had district meeting) so we went Thursday and set up a charla for today, and she wasn't there this time. But yea then we contacted all day and set up a lot of lessons for the next week.

Saturday - The baptism!!!!!!!!!!! So we went to the church in the morning and filled up the font for the baptism at 3, then Elder Holland (he was here before me) came up and we all chilled for a bit until the baptism. Then we got there and she showed up a little late, and she’s shy so she didn't want to take pictures.  But I snagged some when she wasn’t looking. Then we went to the hospital ward and helped the Hermana’s with an open house, we gave the baptism tour since we just baptized, it was cool. I had never done that before.

Sunday - well Camila was confirmed which is awesome!! but unfortunately we didn't have any other investigators come. We were waiting for 5, but they didn’t show, and Amalia, the other one with a baptismal date wasn't in Durazno so we couldn’t. But we taught a new investigator today right outside his house, he’s 20 and lives with his parents and brother, so this could be a cool family to teach! 

Monday - P-DAAYYYY haha this is my first actual p-day for like 2 or 3 weeks. It’s nice, I needed a break from everything. But I don’t think we have too much planned for today, just stuff.

Well this week was interesting, it was really good and not at the same time, well no it was good. We haven't had too much success with our current investigators, other than Camila who got baptized yesterday!!! But we contacted a lot during the week and set up a lot of appointments for this coming week, which we will enjoy! Also haha my comp is awesome, we honestly just crack jokes all day, we are serious when we need to be, but when we don’t need to be, we’re not! hah I’m having a great time here right now, I’m not sure that I want it to end but I know it will. I’ve already been here 3 weeks so I’m half way there. But oh well, enjoy it while you can right!!

(also there’s a really good song on the LDS youth website called “what family means” listen to it!!!!!!!!!)

Love you guys!!!  

Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor & Elder Merino 

Strolling through Durazno

Elder Grigor (he's so tall now) 

Camilla's Baptism!!!! 

Just chilling before the baptism 

The open house 

Oh man- no words for this one!!! 

We all love this kid so much!!! 

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