Monday, March 27, 2017

This week was GOLDEN !!! ( and I turned 20 today )

Tuesday - So we had a multi zone conference in Florida, so we went there in the morning, and had an amazing American lunch (potato bar) yep a bunch of drunk potatoes!! But we talked a lot about working with the Jovenes (youth) to invite their friends and to start working through social media since people always are buried in their phones. Then we got back home and had a couple lessons.

Wednesday - So we had a bunch of lessons planned today (also this week we had a bunch of new investigators, but today we only had 1 but she was awesome, her name is Maria and was saying: “don’t teach me I’ll waste your time at the start”, and said that she never prays. By the end we explained what prayer was and she said: “oh well maybe I will do that then”, and said she would pray about the plan of salvation!!!

Thursday - Today was a really good day. So we taught a lesson in the morning with a new investigator. We invited her to be baptized and she said: I’ve already been baptized 2 times, and I said “well do you want to be baptized a 3rd time, and she said yes!! We just need to go by again and set a date because we had to leave to do a baptismal interview. haha so I did the interview to an older lady, and she had a really cool story. While she was reading she said she saw a pillar of just a light shining above basically, which motivated her more to be baptized. Haha also she thought I was Chilean because of the way I talk!! Then we had 3 lessons with members and got a couple new investigators as well.

Friday - Another great day. So I went up to Paso de Los Toros to do 2 interviews, they were really good. 1 was with a military dude, haha I’ve never seen a military man so nervous!! (I kinda felt like his captain). Then another with a really strong convert, haha he started reading all of gospel principles before his baptism and almost taught the missionaries teaching him. Then in the night (oh also I went with Elder Ruiz because he had to do some interviews too) we found Ana and Javier.  We had our first lesson with them, haha they are golden. They want to get married, she thinks that we are god’s chosen messengers (so she took modern day prophets really well, and the priesthood) and they said they would be baptized, they knew it was true!!!!!

Saturday - Another great day, we found a couple new people to teach, and a great less active member whose family aren't members. She wants to come back and have her kids baptized, so that'll be great to work with them. We talked with Analia, Camila’s sister who was progressing towards baptism but stopped. So we talked to her and she said she didn’t get along with a leader, so were gonna investigate that tomorrow.

Sunday - So we figured out the problem with Analia. We talked to her and she said that she was gonna go to church next week, and she was going to go today but she slept in! So were gonna try to put a baptismal date for the 15th with her. But my comp told me she had some doubts about prophets, so conference will be good for her! Then we found another girl today named Guanda (wanda) and we put a baptismal date for the 22nd! 

Monday - MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! It’s super weird that I’m 20 now, I still feel 17 so I guess I’m not a teenager anymore, I’m turning into a man!! But yea that’s sweet that my bday is on a p-day so I can take the day off basically!! But I think we’re gonna get ice cream today! P-day tradition!

So yea, this week was amazing, we found so many people to teach, and not just random people, a lot of people that really can progress in the church. I’m glad to have been able to find them, me and my comp are having a lot of success. Also I turned 20 TODAY!!!!! Super weird, but I knew it was coming eventually. It just happened real fast, soon I’ll be 40 and that’ll be real weird!!!

Well love you guys, have a great week!

Elder Grigor 

"Some cool church we found :)" 

Elder Ruiz eating Ice Cream 

"The four spoons they gave us to eat our ice cream with!" 

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