Sunday, March 19, 2017

I love it here!!!!!!!

March 7th, 2017 

Wednesday - so we went to tres cruces (the big bus terminal) and saw Coral, we actually got to talk for 2 hours ish because our buses didn't leave until 2:30, so we just talked about home stuff, haha she was really excited to see me. I was a little more used to not seeing people so it was normal. Then I got to my new area, but I got off the bus and felt a massive wave of heat!!, , and my comp is sweet, he’s got 4 months, still working on his Spanish, but he's improving a lot with me. This area is awesome, there’s like 6 people that want to be baptized, but have some problems before that, so we’ll work with them to solve those problems. 

Thursday - well getting to know the area is a little more difficult because the streets look the same, but it’s coming quick. So we walked with a girl named Camila, and set a baptismal date for the 18th, she hasn't had many lessons but came to church 1 time but it wasn't that great for her. So we’ll see, also I met a recent convert named Fabian who has a tough situation with family, but he’s super cool. He is baptized and his little sister wants to be baptized. It just might be difficult to get permission from their uncle that takes care of them

Friday - well meeting a lot of people, haha we met another convert named Esteban, who is the ward secretary and he was baptized 3 months ago, haha also he sent me a message in the night saying how he already knows a lot about me. He connected with my parents on Facebook.

Saturday - again just meeting a lot of people, trying to find some new people to teach, and the ysa’s to tell them about a ward activity. Also we had a good lesson with a new investigator who said he wouldn't accept a date for baptism, but if he feels its true he'll be baptized. Then we had a sweet noche de hogar in the night with 2 families, they gave us soo much food, so it was 2 ladies, then a mom and her 19 year old daughter.

Sunday - we walked a lot today, we went to pick up Fabian and Daniela to bring them to church, (cuz they can’t walk alone) also its starting to cool off here. Then before sacrament (the classes are first here) we walked to pick up Camila, and she was kinda excited, so she came and was super intent while listening to the testimonies, then we dropped them off and picked them all of for choir at 6 because someone invited them, and dropped them off again, but it was a good day.

Monday - so we didn’t have p-day really, my comp had to sign his papers to be in the country, so I was in Tres Cruces all day with Elder Pierce, and Elder Yardley. We saw a bit of March madness in a store, haha I miss that soo much, haha I wanted to make a bracket, but next year! Then in the night we had a really good charla with a lady with a face disorder, I think elephantitis, and she didn't believe in Joseph Smith that much, because she’s catholic. But we had a spiritual lesson and she said she is going to pray to see if this is the change that God wants her to make. Then we went to Camila and she was super excited to see us. She started asking us about what she needs to do to go on a mission, haha its good to see all these good changes in everyone.

So this new area is basically my dream area, a small ward of about 60, but we have lunches, and good lunches! everyday!!!! I don’t have to ride the bus to district meeting for an hour every Tuesday anymore, my comp is a stud, and we have soo much potential in this area, we’ve had a lot of success in these 3 days, they baptized 3 months ago and have a decent amount of investigators who want to be baptized, and we’ve set some good dates for the baptisms!!! Also Jose Luis and Santa Lucia got baptized in La Paloma!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me super happy. It would’ve been cool to see but I’m glad I’m here

love you all, have a great week,

Elder Grigor
Me and my new companion 

Elder Merino 

We found an old truck.....

Some guy came over and I guess it was his- 
he looked a little mad, you can tell by the look on my face 

Waking with Daniela to church, an 11 year old investigator we have

eating a 4 patty Burger King burger, it destroyed me, but it was worth it! 

A building in Montevideo 

A hill in Montevideo 

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