Monday, February 6, 2017

Probably the worst/best week

Tuesday - so we didn't have district meeting because we have a multi-zone conference on Thursday, but it was a pretty normal day. We challenged a less active family to study faith and repentance by topic in the Book of Mormon then find how they work together. Then I challenged them if they could do in 2 weeks that we would pay for a Noche de Hogar, and if not they would have to do it. My comp afterwards got mad that I did that and told me I would buy everything, he gets a little overdramatic sometimes. (also that Canadian Chivitio I had for 250 pesos, yea me and my comp made 6 for 170 pesos and they tasted almost better... so I got ripped..)

Wednesday - well my first intercambio as a district leader. I was with Elder Roquemore, he’s a big guy from Utah. We had a decent day, taught Jose Luis and his mother again ,and they are progressing really well. Then we just did some contacting all day, haha but it was funny to see him speaking Spanish, because he’s new, kinda reminds me of myself, but it’s funny I can’t really remember what it’s like not to understand Spanish.

Thursday - so we went to Maldonado for the zone conference, it was really good, we talked about a case study we read of a missionary that worked really well with the members in the Cambridge Massachusetts ward (I think it’s there). We talked about working with members (which I need to do a lot better) so I’m going to be implementing that very soon. Also we ate tortugones for lunch!!!!! (massive hamburgers)

Friday - today was a pretty awful day, I don’t know why but neither of us wanted to do anything, and no one was home, so we chilled on a little hill for  30 mins just relaxing haha and played with this dog for a while, then not much else really happened that day.

Saturday - ok this was pretty much the best day of my mission!!  We went looking for an appointment we had in the morning and contacted a lady who we ended up teaching who is sooooo interested. She is here on vacation and leaves soon to Montevideo, but she has a cousin who is a member and is gonna call her to send the missionaries over. Then we taught the other guy, it was a decent lesson. Then in the afternoon we taught another new, very short lesson. Then we thought well it was a good day let’s go chill for a bit, so we went to the skate park, and messed around on our bikes for a bit and found a lady and started talking with her. She had a less active friend, so we started explaining a lot of things to her and she said “my friends an idiot for leaving this church” so we’re gonna teach her this week. (She’s here from Buenos Aires for 1 month)

Sunday - so Jose Luis didn't come to church, because he had family that he hadn't seen in 2 years come up from Montevideo. He really wanted to come but he didn't want to leave them alone in his house, because he also didn't really know them too well. Then we had a normal day, finished off with bringing the sacrament to an elderly couple.

Soooo this week started off really slow, then on Saturday we had 4 new investigators, 5 lessons and set up some really good lessons for next week. Also our progressing investigators are progressing really well to their baptism. 2 more Sundays and that’s it. Then all the other people we taught we’ll be working with. Haha I always said I wanted to leave this area, but now that we’re seeing so much success I want to stay a little longer. Haha there’s just not enough time!!!

Well love you guys, hope you have a great week!

Elder Grigor

"Me and my companion at the lighthouse" 

"The skate park where we taught more people" 

Elder Roquemore 

Elder Grigor in Uruguay :) 

Chillin on the hill

Playing with the dog

La Paloma 

Elder Grigor in La Paloma 

"Me with a mask- I think it fits me really well" 

"Me and my companion at a members house through a fish eye lens" 

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