Monday, January 30, 2017

Anything is Possible!!!

Monday - We tried to go to Hermano Vicentes house, but things got super crazy, so we chilled with his kids for a bit outside waiting for him, and by then we had to leave on the bus to rocha

Tuesday - So we woke up pretty early, took the bus to Montevideo to go see Elder Stevenson. The conference was really good!!!! first we had lunch, and.... I ATE WATERMELON!!!!!!! It was really good! I didn’t get a picture though so I don’t have proof, so you’ll just have to believe me. But the conference was really good, we learned a lot about how to invite and promise blessings when we do it, something I really needed to work on.

Wednesday - We had the propia (I’m not sure how to explain that one, kinda means best awesome, really good) with Jose Luis and Santa Lucia, (now that I know how to teach better) and…..I CAN TEACH (not trying to brag or anything)) but we had a really good lesson. They said they were gonna come to church! Also it rained a whole bunch!!! and real quick so there were rivers in the streets.

Thursday - So in the morning we went with Nina and Michael to do the papers for their baby to legalize him or something, so I guess now I’m a godfather!! haha I’ve been with them through a lot of stuff, the birth of him, we got them married, baptized and now I’m his godfather! But afterwards we set up a lesson with Nina in the morning and Michael got suuuper mad, and didn’t want to listen, so I got a little worried with that, so we’ll see how things are going with him.

Friday - We got a new investigator and we had a really good lesson, haha and some dude walked past (cuz we taught it outside) and started shouting random stuff about Joseph smith and the Book of Mormon, other than that we walked... a lot, and contacted... a lot... like always here. 

Saturday - Everything fell through today, so we had another free day. A day to walk around the entire city and do contacts all day. Then even with the members, the appointments we set the night before... fell through. I’m getting real tired of that. Oh but we did have another really good lesson with Jose Luis and his mother.

Sunday - So at the start of church there were not a lot of people, and no investigators that came, not even Nina and Michael. But about halfway through the class right when I was about to give up hope, Sooooo many people came! We had 39 people there, and Jose Luis and Santa Lucia came!!!!! The Lord often times tests our faith, so never lose hope!!!! (anything is possible!!!!!!!!!!!) -Kevin Garnet

Monday - I finally ate a Canadian Chivito today!!! I always saw those. So it’s basically a Canadian burger, but I wanted to know why it was Canadian. So i bought it.... worst mistake of my life!! Not really; but it had a half strip of bacon on it, that’s why it was Canadian! Just pitiful.

All in all we had a really good week, seeing the miracles that the Lord gives to all of his children. Really satisfying and tiring week, with the amazing conference with Elder Stevenson! 

love you all, and have a great week!!!!!!!

Elder Grigor

"The rain that came out of nowhere" 

I love that Elder Grigor finds joy and laughter when it rains!!!! 
Why stay indoors when you can splash around and have fun?????
 Lots of life lessons in this picture :) 

Ashton- Elder Grigor's new Godson :)

Elder Grigor hanging out with all the kids/nieces of Hermano Vicente 

Selfies in Uruguay 

"Just being a goof" 

**From Tamara : I loved this picture. It made me laugh. On days when I am missing Elder Grigor's fun-loving personality around the house, he sends gems like this!!! Mission life can be tough, you really need to have a good sense of humour to keep your spirits high when you have been faced with lots of disappointments and challenging times. 

Elder Grigor found a rope swing. Always a kid at heart. 

At least he didn't fall on his head doing this!!! 

"We saw the Sunset finallyyyyyyy!!!!!! It was AMAZING !!! "

"My Canadian Chivito"

"Our Zone at the open house in Castillos" 

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