Tuesday, January 24, 2017

From Junior Companion to District Leader ! Hopefully I will do good!!

Tuesday January 17th, 2017 

Tuesday - We had intercambios today with the zone leaders today, so me and my comp both stayed in Rocha for the day. So I was with Elder Crux, whose been here for 4 changes, which is hard because it’s a difficult area here. So we had a fun time, just talking about random stories and taught a couple lessons. So then we slept on the floor in the house in Rocha.

Wednesday - missed a bus in the morning, so we got back late and cooked quick to get out to work. Not the greatest day ever, we taught, or tried to teach Nina and Michael, but Ashton (their baby) started crying like crazy and she went upstairs to calm him, so we just taught Michael, and did contacts like always!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday - so I had another intercambio with the other zone leader Elder Bailey! He’s suuper cool, we kinda know each other from my second area, he was in my zone, and haha he looks exactly like Isaiah. So I went to Rocha (and I had 200 pesos left until Sunday, which is like 6 dollars, and bus tickets are 60 pesos). Then we had a really good day, left a little late because of the busses here, and taught 2 people that really want to be baptized, but their husbands don’t want to get married (Uruguay in a nutshell) 

Friday - Umm another normal day, walking around trying to find people to talk to, who don’t want to talk to us. But we did teach the new family that moved here, because he’s a recent convert. So we taught them and not much else happened, it was kinda a slow week

Saturday - again just talking to people all day, walking in the street trying to talk to get lessons with the investigators that we have, but they always make excuses to not listen. 

Sunday - so my comp started packing his bags because he thought he was gonna leave, and he gave his farewell talk in the ward, then in the night we got a call from President Eddy, so my comp is leaving here as a zone leader. Then Pres wanted to talk to me, and I thought.. this is it! From junior comp to District leader! (just kidding that’s from the best 2 years) but that actually happened. I’m the new district leader here, haha and I was saying I want to be senior comp for a while so I don’t have to do intercambios all the time, but now that won’t happen.  Then we said goodbye to some families in the night

Monday - so we just said goodbye to more families in the night, and we figured out who my comp is, Elder Diaz, another latino! I think that’s 4 now and 2 gringos.

Well this week was a little hectic, always going into Rocha, not a lot of work was done in our area thanks to that, and with the changes coming up, plus no one wanted to talk to us so yea, it was a good week. But it’s weird now that I’ll be the new district leader here. It’ll definitely be a different change from Junior companion. But I’ll be happy to try it out. Hopefully I’ll do good!

Elder Grigor

Elder Cruz 

Elder Grigor and Elder Bailey 

At the Fair in La Paloma- kind of reminded me of the Christmas Fair
 I went to in Millarville with the family before my mission. 

The Zone all together for the last time 

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