Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Michael got BAPTIZED!!!!!

January 9th, 2017 
Tuesday - so on tuesday we had district meeting and then interveiws with the president at 5, so we stayed in rocha all day, and while we were in the house a huuuuge storm came through but only for about an hour, then it just kinda sprinkled all day, but the ionterveiw was great and pres came me a new way to study, so im going to the scripture guide and finding a word then look at the scriptures and study by topic. so im gonna try that this week

Wednesday - so pretty normal day, doing contacts teaching a couple of lessons, then we taught a new person named victoria, one of the weirdest lessons ive had, so we asked her to read the first vision, and she started laughing, so we tried to fix that and we gave her a book of mormon and she said she would read it! so well see how that goes.

Thursday - Today no one was home just micheal, so we started teaching him the 12 steps  to addiction recovery, and just reading the book of mormon to get him familiar with it, then just doing contacts all day, which are dificult here becuase everyones in bathing suits and they dont want to talk, and if they do, they dont live here. Oh also we helped a new family clea nup their new home, so they moved here from rocha the vicente family, into a abandoned house of 2 years. SO we had service all day i got a ltitel burnt but not too bad!

Friday - Again pretty much the same thing as yesterday

Saturday - Michael got baptised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but not after aalloooot of opposition, so in the morning he texted us and said, hey can we do it another day because im feeling alittle sick, so we explained everything adn he said ok thats fine. So we went to take a bus at 420, and it got delayed by an hour! and his baptism was at 6, So when we were boarding michael had a fan he needed to return and he was gonan put it underneath in the storage part, and i guess he was standing a little close (i didnt see it) and the bus dude opened the door super fast and the top part lipped michael in the chin i think and sent him flying in the air, and he hit the ground and knocked out his teeth (dentures). Finally we got to rocha and micahel was baptised! then we got home around 10 haha nina was pretty worried

Sunday - so in the morning brother vicente picked us up in his car so we could show him where the church was, adn then we confirmed micahel a member of the church!!! It was really good to see mihcael get baptised and confirmed after being through so much with them, good and bad. Then we went to the trinidads, a old family we take the sacrament too.

Monday - then we came to do ciber!

so i just wanted to thank everyone for helping us with michaels baptism, all of your orayers helped soo much, especially through the actually baptismal with all the opposition we saw. But yea this week was really good, even though we couldnt work too much, with the interveiws with pres, and the service we did, and the baptism, but all in all, it was a really good week. 

Elder Grigor

When I got sunburned 
Micheal's Baptism 

Being a goof!!! 

Using the Christmas present my companion got me- a head massager 

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