Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It is getting insanely hot here! I'm dying from the heat.

Monday January 23rd, 2017

Wednesday - last night we came to Rocha, the last day I had with Zacarias. My new comp I think I already said is Elder Diaz, after being in Rocha all day we got home and taught the Vicentes, the new family from Rocha.

Thursday - so basically we’ve been introducing everyone to my new comp, a good excuse to get some lessons, but we had a good lesson with Jose Luis and his mother, we gave them Book of Mormons, reinforced baptism, and set another baptismal, they seem to know the importance of baptism, but they just don't want to come to church yet. So today wasn't that hot, but I was dying and I didn’t know why, so when we got home I realized I forgot a shirt my grey clippers shirt on underneath.... I guess I left it on after Spanish study

Friday - well, today we spent a whole day in Costa Azul, which is another town about 5km away maybe, but there isn't much to do out there, so going for a day gets tough. But we found a couple people to visit, other than that we just talked to everyone in the streets. But it was a decent day getting out there, crazy hot though, I was dying. And my sunscreen makes me sweat way more, but only in those spots, so I was sweating like crazy. Then we stopped by to visit a member; Julie, and she was super tired, haha she almost fell asleep during the lesson. 

Saturday - so today we had an open house in Castillos, another pueblito about an hour from Rocha, so we went up there inviting people to the open house. Me and my comp talked to like 60 people in 3 hours, haha that was the most people I've ever talked to in my mission in so little time, but it felt really good to do it. Then the Wankier’s drove us home (thankfully, because I have like no money!!!!) and we got home at like 10ish. I was exhausted but it felt great.

Sunday - well we had a nice free day today, where everything falls through and we just walk in the streets, and it was insanely hot outside so we did contacts until about 6 then sat on a bridge in the shade, dying of heat. Then in the night we went to the Trini´s, the old couple we always bring the sacrament too. But also Michael.... he didn't come to church today, 2 weeks in a row now, and when we were walking home he had 2 new tattoos. So we talked for a bit and asked why he didn't come. He said they were taking out the fence in his front yard and he wanted to make sure it all went good. So we’re gonna have to go over there and work with him. Oh also that night I verified for the first time being a district leader!! It’s cool to have all the power now!

Monday - well we set a lesson up for the morning because it was the guys last day here, and we got there and they were all packing up to leave, so we chilled in Costa Azul riding bikes in the morning and ate some hamburgers for lunch. Then in the night we have to go to Rocha because Elder Stevenson from the 12 apostles is coming to speak to all the leaders of the mission, so I get to go hear him speak!!! 

So yea this week was good, when my new comp got here I decided we we’re gonna work hard this change, even though I’ve been here for awhile and know almost everything here, we can still do some good things. It’s getting real hot here, I put my alarm clock outside one day and it said it was 38 degrees... also I’m excited for this conference with Elder Stevenson, should be good.

Elder Grigor

Some cool thing in Rocha 

Me and my Companion walking in the streets 

Riding bikes with my companion 

A hot, sunny day in La Paloma

The shirt I forgot to change out of which made me so hot during the day!! 

Some man made out of boxes 

We saw a dude doing spray paint art in the plaza 

The beaches here....

I got a quick picture of the beach as we were travelling from Costa Azul to La Paloma 

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