Thursday, March 10, 2016

It only comes through hard work

Dear People of home,

Today was a pretty normal week, I have just been going to classes and eating and working out. But I’ll still probably talk about a lot of the days. Not too much happened on Friday I think that we figured out that on Tuesday, everyone from the MTC is leaving except for the 5 of us in my district. So for 2 days it will just be the 5 of until the new flood of missionaries come in. Apparently its half North Americans so there will be a lot of English speakers. So our plan is to talk english to the latinos and Spanish to the americans just to mess with all of them. Or just talk Spanish to the Americans and see how long we can do that. Saturday was tracting day so everyone was gone, and we went out by the temple for an hour and “tracted”. Me and my companion talked to a kid about going on a mission, he said he was scared and we told him our experiences and I think he wants to go, he was talking very fast. Also we are leaving this Saturday I believe to go tracting, so I’ll have a big email next week, probably not to many pictures because the MTC president doesn’t want us looking like tourists. 

On Sunday I got to conduct sacrament meeting, and I kinda felt like dad, sitting up there and telling them what’s happening in the week. Also everyone in your district is supposed to prepare a talk for Sunday, but we only know which district is in charge on Friday at the district meeting, so it’s fun to watch everyone avoiding eye contact. Next days was normal not much happened but I had a cool experience. I was getting the hang of the language pretty fast so I thought I could slow down.  Around Saturday/Sunday I thought “it will come to me” and I and kind of  slacked off a little, and then I couldn't remember anything, and the next day was the same.  So I worked hard Monday until now and I can remember and memorize so much easier. So I realized I was blessed with the gift of tongues, but it only comes through hard work. So now I’m memorizing about 30 words a day depending on how easy/hard they are to memorize and I’m learning really quick. I’m still having troubles with conjugations and learning how to phrase things, but it will come.

Oh hahaha and yesterday we had an I.P which is just a investigator practice thing with your teacher, which is always in Spanish. And my companion was trying to say “we would like you to read this scripture”. But instead of saying that he said “we are falling in love with you and read this scripture”.  Our teacher just started laughing in the middle of the lesson and we didn't know why until she explained afterwards. We had a good laugh.

Entonces está bueno aquí, yo soy aprenando el idioma rapidó por solo estar aquí 3 semana´s. yo amo ustedes, y hablar por tú proximo semana.


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