Thursday, March 10, 2016

I can't wait to touch peoples hearts

Dear Everyone, 

Life’s good here at the MTC, it’s currently 2:30am for you guys because we got the early block for writing.  Once I get in the field I will try to be more consistent. 

Well last week was pretty fun and also boring, everyone except my district left and it was just the 5 of us. Pretty lonely for 2 days, but we got a taste of the field, kinda. But in the 2 days that we were alone we got such good food. One night the cooks didn't feel like making us anything so they just ordered in for us. It was pretty sweet because they let us eat whatever we wanted from the kitchen. 

Umm not too much else happened last week except for proselyting. We go 3 times here, and it’s pretty sweet, we got 3 referrals for another appointment, so we got the persons address. We also taught 4 lessons, and made 2 appointments for next week to come by, except this Saturday we won’t be able to because the guy whose in charge of language here is coming to watch us and how we’re studying. So I guess you could say we’re a pretty big deal. Haha!!  

They are  implementing a new program in the MTC to lengthen latinos 2 weeks to 3 weeks, and make any 6 weeks person 5 weeks. So he’s doing all the new things on my district. It’s pretty weird but kinda cool too. Not too much else happened. Just everyone leaving, learning the new language, oh and in the new group of missionaries there are 27 north americans, idk if I told you already or not. But I’ll have a lot of new friends! I’m glad to be here serving the Lord, I’ve had so many spiritual experiences here too. I cant wait to touch peoples hearts. 


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