Thursday, March 17, 2016

Just as much as I miss all of you, God misses his children and wants them to return to him.


So this week was pretty cool/ normal. So on Thursday Lane Steinagel came here, he’s the guy who runs all the MTC’s to teach everyone the new program that they are putting into all the MTC’s around the world. But we didn’t do anything with him until Saturday I believe. Umm Friday was normal, really didn’t do much of anything except study. I’ve been studying so much and memorizing. 

So far I have the first vision memorized, the baptismal invitation, the missionary purpose and moroni 10:3-5. And about 400 new words. It’s tough but I’m holding on barely. Um Saturday we had one class with Brother Steinagel, and he taught us about present subjunctive, which is super weird, but he made it really easy for us. Next was Sunday, which was just a regular day, but it’s my favourite day other than p-day, because we watch a movie at the end of the day, and also we get like 2 hours to do whatever we want. So I usually just sleep or study or watch a devotional. 

Oh but Sunday night Hermano Lane (that’s what we called him) gave a fireside presentation thing all in Spanish and I understood all of it. Mostly because he talked really clearly, but still fast. So I was able to translate in my head. Also because he came we didn't go proselyting which sucked but, at least we get to go this week and next. But this week since the new program the latinos are going as well, also their stay here is now 3 weeks and not 2. It’s good for them to learn more. Monday we were with Brother Steinagel all day and he made Spanish pretty simple and helped us to make long term goals for learning Spanish. It helped a lot and now I’m learning 25 or more words a day. It’s tough here but totally worth it.

Well I didn’t have too much time on the computer today  because the people in front of us went over and the people behind us are waiting so I’ll bear my testimony. I think my emails will be more consistent in the field. Plus I’ll have more to write about. My favourite food here, idk what it’s called, the rule here is: don't ask what it is, just eat. Which is good for me, because they usually hide veggies in the meals. Well I know the church is true and that missionary work is soo important in the church. Because just as much as I miss all of you, God misses his children and wants them to return to him. I am grateful for everything I have been blessed with and the opportunity to serve.


Elder Grigor

**Elder Grigor couldn't send pictures the past few weeks. These are all taken over the last two weeks. 

Elder Denyer is in the background, 
we loved photobombing pictures. 

Elder Guaygua from Bolivia. 
His aunt is a pensionista in Cochabamba. 

My buddies that I hung out with a lot 

A door that we saw a 6 foot man come out of 

Elder Grigor, Elder Marcum and Elder Christensen 

The Angel Moroni 

A cool picture I got of my plaque and the temple. 

All my friends that left the MTC- our small 
district ended up alone at the MTC for 3 
days before all the new missionaries came. 

My companion, Elder Christensen 

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